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Discussion in 'Security' started by buickboy, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Just got appartment wanting to grow. I am trying to figure out what best way figuring out if and how often maintenance people come into my place?
  2. I reccomend a small CFL closet grow with a bit of ventalation and up to 2 to 3 plants. That is the safest method.
  3. But if you just do one big go with 12 plants.... You'd be set for a long long time ....... :p
  4. Depends, be careful
  5. if you just moved in then you should establish a high energy consumption record, so as not to gather to much attention if you decide to switch to HID lights
  6. The regularity of maintenance folks coming through is different for complex to complex.
    If you don't' want to worry about folks all in your stuff, move into a place with a bad maintenance reputation. Just be ready to fix your own stuff if it breaks.
  7. They're suposed to give you 24hr written notice, all my years of renting I had enough trouble getting them to come over when I wanted them to. Start off with a CFL stealth box but bigger than a pc, my 2X2X2foot could be stealth and prductive but isn't a bitch to ventilate.

  8. They aint gonna go into an extra bedroom if the door is closed and you put a door knob with a lock on it Never call em and they wont come !

  9. Not true, a friend of mine left a qp on the table when he ran out to get lunch and the maintenance guy came to switch out the filters and noticed the qp. He decided to call the land lord to report drug activity but the land lord was my friends hookup soooooo...
  10. Im an old rocker never heard of a qp. What is it ? Im only used to the old slang ...oz or a half or a I said I am way out of the scene. Been tokin for longer than you been breathing but hey.....36 years mon !!! I started at 11 and pretty much kept tokin 4ever !

    Watch out for the square redneck narc of a maintenance dude........
    Puff on
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    QP is short for quarter pound.. ;)

  12. thanx mon I never buy qp's.Only half oz' ata time for me bro. I never sold smoke either. couldnt imagine word getting out & not getting busted in a matter of time. Not prepared to pay the tough consequences. My friend that grows says that Grasscity is a web-site for people who havent gotten busted yet ! Whatever ................
    Puff on ....

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