Trying to figure out where to get started :DABS

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  1. Always burned flower or bubble hash, want to get into concentrates. I stopped by a local and super overpriced headshop and the amount of wax rigs/dab rigs they had was mind blowing. I'm not trying to spend 200-300 on a dab rig and it seemed all of them were that expensive. So what I would like is a non-decorated, small water pipe type of dab rig I can smoke oil/wax in.

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  2. Those are usually worth the price, you're going to be spending hundreds on oil, might as well not waste it in a cheap rig.
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  3. you could try smoking out of a light bulb?
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  4. It's the nail or banger that does all of the work. No point in spending 200$ for a dab rig until you know you like it.

    You'll also want a legit torch to heat the nail or whatever you got. I used many types that claimed to be great etc, etc. a bernz-O-matic shop torch was the best and it was cheap to refuel.

    I would probably do a titanium nail to start as they are more forgiving the Quartz or ceramic. Also a smaller dab rig gives better cleaner fresher hits then something big like a bong would do. If a cheap piece needs more diffusion glass beads or marbles work amazingly well.

    As far as using a dab rig goes, it comes down to the type of nail and what it's made of. Basically you heat the nail up, let it cool to the appropriate temp and then dab off of it. The dab shouldn't smoke but for a second or two. Any longer and the nail is to cold, faster and it's to hot.

    That should get you in a direction broski :metal:
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  5. Thank you for taking the time to type that for me, great freakin info! Good vibes your way!
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