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  1. So a awhile back I finally declared that I would like to persue a healthier life by exercising and eating the right foods. What I have realized tho is that I have no idea how.. every time I go to the grocery store I try my best not to buy all the processed shit but it never works out this way. Would anyone like to share with me some of the healthier food choices that are available?

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  2. I go to costco like every three weeks and buy fruits.
    I love fruits, they are the nectars of life; sweeter than chocolate and more savory than high fructose corn syrup.
    Instead of having a processed snack, have fruits. 
    It's not hard, anyone who is anyone should like fruits, so just buy them.
    The oranges they've got in season right now are really good and tangy.
    Unfortunately, unless you had them before, you missed out on the pomegranates. I had maybe 25 of them in the last two months: fan-fucking-tastic. Better luck next year.
    Blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries.  (Ok, so for these I "might" dip them in a dollop of whip cream, but who's going to judge anyhow?)
    Bananas are obviously a given.
    Papayas are really good, but I'll admit, they're an acquired taste.
    Melons speak for themselves. 
    I don't even want to get into Cherries or Nectarines, they literally make me explode in my pants.
    Just stop by your supermarket, go the the vegetables/fruit sections, and pick out something colorful. It's not difficult my man, and I believe in you. 
  3. Pretty much anything youd prepare can be healthy. Google some websites with healthy diet plans and pick meals you like and put together a shopping list. As you go start experimenting with your own healthy meal ideas.
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    haha it's very easy. 
    dont eat any food when you wake up until dinner time.
    turn on the tv and watch a nature show.
    look at how delicious those animals are
    go eat one. 

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