trying to decide if i should travel with weed, k2, or nothing...

Discussion in 'General' started by anonymous123456, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. I'll try to make this simple. I'm going to the bahamas, I want to smoke there.

    Scenario 1: I will try to get weed, that will probably work out (been on However, I want a backup plan, and better shit than what ill get in the bahamas.

    Scenario 2: I fly with weed in the best and safest way possible

    Scenario 2a: I do the same but with K2 so its legal-ish (backup plan)

    Scenario 3: My cautious and experienced stoner friend mails me weed to the hotel and I tell the front desk to not call the room up if they get a package since its a gift (I'm staying with my mom) and I'll just keep asking them until it comes. The only issue with this is I'm staying for a small period of time (I think like 3 nights) and if it arrives before I get there or after I leave it could be BAD. I'll find out exactly how long it'll take before I do this, I really want this to work because I want good weed from home.

    Please talk to me about these scenarios. I would prefer 2 of them to work so I can ensure that my friends and I wil be baked all weekend.
  2. How about enjoy the bahamas without weed?!
  3. Because I'm confident I can find away. I don't smoke that much and don't need weed to have fun. It's vacation, that's the whole point I am trying to make this work.

    Thanks, I might have to end up doing that. But for now I'm gonna get educated on my options first.
  4. dude don't risk that shit just to get stoned, plus you can find herb for cheap there man, just don't be stupid when buying it.

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