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Trying to buy a bubbler but there is a problem

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Raz68, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. So I'm trying to buy a bubbler from this site but it keeps on getting declined saying my prepaid card isnt activated which is BS since I've activated last week and still keeps on declining me and I don't feel like calling bank saying I'm trying to bubbler...

  2. Call the number on the back, check the balance. If there is money then it is probably the websites fault, if there isn't money, then there you go. :confused_2: Good luck!
  3. Oh theres def money I've checked man and it' so fustrating
  4. some websites do not accept pre paid cards

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  5. try to use it for a small purchase , to see if the cashier actually activated it. if it works for that, then gc doesnt accept Prepaids or the systems fucked up and u should contact support
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    Is it a Visa prepaid or MasterCard prepaid? Some websites don't accept MasterCard, only Visa

    If you're buying from GC using a prepaid, make sure it's valid for international use otherwise it won't work. Some of the prepaids are domestic only

    Happy toking!

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    I'm not buying from GC, buying from bongoutlet which is Canadian site so I can get free shipping and its Visa
  8. So anyone got any ideas
  9. Hahahaha I imagined some funny shit. Prepaid dont work internationally unless you activate it

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