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  1. A variety of outdoor and greenhouse. My greenhouse is really starting to get a funky smell. A realllyyy goooood funky smell. The outdoors shown are a batch I got in late. They are coming along slowly, but growing weekly. Still have not had time to go out and take pics of the big girls. Maybe this weekend. Sorry about the quality of the pics. New camera and I can't get it just right yet.

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  2. big things come in small packages

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  3. White Russian started budding in less than 60 days in greenhouse

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  4. diversity in growing is half the fun

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  5. Rest is very important in a growing girls daily activities.

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  6. lookin good
  7. Your plants look realllly good! I am a first time planter, and need to know how much to "prune" my plants. The ones that I like the look of best are the ones with the mason jar in the pic. Should I be removing most of the leaves and stems?

    Sorry if I am a pain in the butt, but BC pot is the best, and I would reeally like your advice.
  8. what does the prunig do to the girls and how much should you prune and how do you prune and what do you prune. details

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