Trying out the SunCloak 4416 Vertical LEDsystem

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    I just bought the SunCloak 4416 Vertical LED system. So far my only hands on experience with LED is lights I get from H.D. or Lowes. And those are used for side-lighting my HPS room. Although I've been studying on Hortricultural LED grow lights for like 9 months. So, I'd like to think I can talk a bit with you guys if you have any Tech. Questions or stuff like that. I saw another grower here do a journal in which He had gotten great results. So I did my research before buying by talking to the owner as well, who'm answered all my questions & I asked many. Just thought others would be curious about this light system, so I'm doing my first thread. I hadn't planned on this so I didnt have nice plants planned out to use. All I had ready was some OC GG#4. Yeah, that's my new strain, OC (Out of Control) GorillaGlue #4 LOL! So, I'm by no means growing by optimal guidelines here. Just trying out this interesting light & recording my thoughts while gladly chatting with my fellow growers about it. I hope you enjoy! Peace & Happy Growing

  2. How do you control your plant growth because from what I understand you only have a 16" by 16" square for one plant. I mean how do you keep your plant in that little area so all the vertical lights surround the plant. My plants after 3 weeks into flowers need at least 2 feet square. It just seems like that kind of setup would be better suited for growing tomatoes or bell peppers, plants that grow mostly vertical and not both vertical and horizontal.
  3. I need to delete this thread. The one you want to go to is OCGG#4 in the SunCloak 4416. There's some pictures up but I'm having a hard time posting new updates. Stop by there though. The blades are 4'x4' & I have oversized plants in there. Doing real well so far!

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