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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Hippy_Hay, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Ive asked this question a few times b4 and got like 60 b\views, no replies. so im givin it one more try, Ive got these bagseeds my friend gave me, they are like dark green and stuff so i know theyll grow, but they r like 3 times the size of the avg. seed. Will these be some monster plants or just average. Does seed size effect plant size?
  2. Idk man they could possibly e monster plants depending on how good you take care of them
  3. Relating specifically to marijuana I don't think seed size is relative to plant size. But the reason no one replied before is because no one knows for sure. They could be huge plants or they could be "normal" sized plants. The only way to know is to grow them. Just make sure you do it outside....:D
  4. Why outside? I do agree with one point, seed size is not an indicator or plant size. Some strains have huge seeds, while others are small. Some are striped (JC), some are plain. Grow it, man. Inside or out, hydro or soil, which ever way you can.
  5. Thanx 4 tha input, Starting mid april ill figure out once and for all if bigger seeds make bigger weeds.
  6. It was just a bad joke. If he grew them inside and they ended up being giganto-monster plants he might be in a spot of trouble. Sorry, I'll stay away from the comedy from now on...:eek:
  7. just dont get on comedy central anytime soon an its all good. I think outsides the way to go with these tho. Your supposed to plant em around april right?
  8. It depends on where you live. I get the right amount of light in April but I don't dare put anything out until the middle of May because of the danger of late frost....
  9. Yes please be warry of the issue of frost in your area. You might as well wait until the temps are pretty decent before you throw those ladies in the ground. Better to be safe than sorry.

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