Trying nutmeg?

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  1. Hey guys, so I'm on probation and can't do anything that I'll be tested for. Now, I've been looking into alot of legal alternate options to trip/get high. So far, nutmeg seems like the one with the least health effects, when compared to things like dramamine and DXM.

    So how can I use nutmeg? What are the effects?

    Thanks everyone.
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    Let me share my nutmeg experience with you...

    I decided that taking 1 tablespoon would be suitable for me (140 lbs 5ft 10 in). It tasted terrible but I choked it down over the course of 10 minutes with the assistance of a tasty beverage.

    Next problem: Took like 7 hours to kick in. So finally later that night at like 10 my friend (who had also taken it) said he was feeling something, and then about 30 minutes later I did too. And before we knew it we were having dumb stoner conversations.

    I got terrible cotton mouth by the way, try to drink a good amount of water, but not too much. Every time I got up I felt like puking so I just laid on the floor smiling at the ceiling fan. And all of the sudden it hit me that this was going to last for a long time and I started getting scared.

    Then I realized I hadn't taken a shit like all day, and this really freaked me out. I think the nutmeg made me not have to, but I couldn't rationalize that at the time, I thought I was going to explode.

    Finally like 4 hours in I tried going to bed but I was all shaky and nervous and couldn't sleep because I was too scared. Plus I kept having audio hallucinations of a little girl laughing.

    The next morning felt like the worst hangover ever, just a terrible terrible headache and still a bit messed up.

    So over all if you are desperate and curious, go for it. Comparing it to dxm, I would say its less pleasant, but you arent as crippled by the effects. Compared to things like dramamine, it's much different, less confusion and more happy.

    If you do decide to do DXM again, stick with Vicks 44, no excess active ingredients for less negative effects.

    Hope this helps.
  3. why is it the good trips have to come with puking?
  4. I tried this back in the day. I don't think I ate enough as it felt like a strong weed experiance with slight CEV.

    It took like 2+ hours to hit me and lasted ALL DAY. It honostly was not that fun. Hope it goes better for you.
  5. I took an ounce of dried nutmeg around 5 PM one day and didn't feel anything. The next day I wake up and it feels like a clean stone, my vision kinda hazy and you feel good. It lasted all day with no sign of slowing down.

    I wake up the next fucking morning and I'm still high off this shit, it didn't go away till that night/the next morning.
  6. You may want to consider an alternative to weed and nutmeg all together. There are two legal drugs I will mention. One of which is only legal in certain states in the US. The first is Kava. Kava is a natural muscle relaxer. Its very similar to the feeling of what a indica marijuana plant would produce. You can even order it and have it sent your address. The next is a unique plant called salvia. However, I do caution you with this plant. It is one of the strongest all natural hallucinagens out there and if you decide to order it then you should only get an extract of 5X or less. 10x if your a pretty big build around 250pds.

    Also, there is another thing you might want to consider. Magnesium is also a good muscle relaxer that you can buy in any GNC or local health store. Make sure its Magnesium Malate and not a combination of to many other things. That way you'll get a better effect if you pop two. Hope that helps man.

    ~ CSharp is out :bongin: ~
  7. Why not robo-trip? Better than nutmeg and doesnt show up on drug test.
  8. :confused:is psycobilin and lsd tested for?
  9. What the heck is robo-trip? :confused:
  10. Recreationally, deliriants aren't really something you wanna do.. There's a reason they're legal. Datura, Nighshade, DPH, and Nutmeg (Nutmeg being the weakest of the bunch) just kinda drive you into psychosis for a while. I would say go for a DXM trip if you're looking for a 'legal' high. I've never done it myself, but I'm no stranger to Ketamine, and I hear it's similar. If so, it's wonderful.
  11. I would try DXM, but I think I would probably puke if I did. Not only that, I hate the taste of cough syrup. Maybe I could get some cough gels with DXM in them.

    Thanks for all the info, everyone. Mostly everyone who has done it tells me they feel like shit afterward, and sometimes during, the nutmeg trip. So I might try it, not sure yet.
  12. Drinking robotussin so you trip out
  13. Oh, Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  14. No///////
  15. nice dude get some boomers.:D

    is lsd tested for than? cuz at the last fest these kids on probation thought it wasn't... ha

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