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  1. i wanna try other drugs besides weed.
    are there any drugs that offer a nice high?
  2. ya thats what i was thinkin.
  3. Heroin feels damn nice. I dunno man, I've tried em all, they're all kinda nice but it depends on your personality. Usually your either a downer or upper kinda person. I'ma downer. Benzo's, opiates, indica's, these are a few of my favorite things, although I enjoy tripping, and that's pretty upperish, but it's definitely not like speed

    Hard drugs feel the best, and that's the reason they're bad, they feel too good.
  4. I don't do anything else besides drink (only a few times a year, usually at parties) and roll (twice, MAYBE 3 times a year). I stick with the green most of the time.
  5. Probably not, dude, but I think it it would be irresponsible to tell you what drugs you should do. Everyone is different. A "nice high" is someone else's bad trip or whatever.

    I see you're posting out of San Diego! What's up, man?

  6. Err drugs that are used recreationally are used for a reason. And that reason is in the name. RECREATIONAL drugs. People take other drugs because they feel nice. So your choice is huuuuge, anything with psychoactive effects is bound to attract at least a few people to use it recreationally. What type of high are you looking for?

    Speedy euphoria?
    Sedated euphoria?
    Hallucinagenic euphoria?
    Dissacociative euphoria?
    or even a delireant.

    The choice is huge man. Huge.
  7. ya i really liked ecstasy felt really nice and gives tons of energy
    thinking about coke.
    what do u think
  8. Heroin.

    Or Datura, both real good to do daily.
  9. whats up man
    u a local in sd too?
  10. ya but if i do heroin i would probably end up overdose after a while.
    i do weed everyday
    if i do anything hard like heroin i would do it on occasion
    know what im saying

  11. If you liked Ecstacy, I would reccomend 2-CB or Mephedrone if you want a very E like experience, with a touch of difference. But these are hard to come by. More common drugs I would reccomend for an E fan would be most forms of Amphetamine, Coke beng one.

  12. I'd stay away from coke, man. I know too many people who went on coke binges and even got to the point of stealing stuff from their parents to buy more coke. It's a dirty drug. I've been offered it plenty of times, and always turned it down for that reason. I'm sure if feels great and all but it just ain't worth it in my opinion.

    Ecstasy is fan-fucking-tastic. I usually do it at big EDM festivals or something. I hate the people that lose control and start doing it every weekend though. Ruins the magic.
  13. Yeah, but I don't really live in San Diego - I live in the Imperial Beach/San Ysidro/Chula Vista area. Where are you at?
    It's cool if you don't want to say where you're at or whatever. I'm kinda paranoid about even saying which city I live in.

    But yeah, I would be careful with trying new drugs. You should really read up on the positive and negative effects of new drugs before you think of trying them.
  14. i tottally agree
    if u do ecstasy ever once in a while it feels amazing.
    the problem with coke is that it doesnt last that long so its common to go on a coke binge or a crack binge.
    coke and heroin are too addictive for me anyway

  15. Try to stay away from hard drugs......and I'm glad you agree with me about ecstasy. I love it, who doesn't love the feeling of an orgasm? That's how I describe Ecstasy (good pills without nasty meth and that other shit they put in) haha. I have a friend who is starting to do it every weekend and I haven't even seen her since August because her and her best friend roll every weekend. Her and I used to toke up every weekend but then her and I and her best friend and my best friend decided to roll before school started (started the 24th of August for me, so that means we did it the 22nd) and it was great and whatever but every weekend since she's been doing it. She thinks she isn't harming herself but wtf man? She's ruining a good thing.
  16. i live in escondido area
    north county man
  17. everyones different. im more of a downer guy.

    for me the only speedy drug ill take is MDMA.

    mushrooms are fun
  18. Shrooms, LSD, DMT

    just some of me favorites
  19. ya i have a hook for acid so i wanna try it but i think im gonna end up bad trippinn

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