trying hydro for the first time

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pooldude, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. hello everyone..iv'e decided to make a go at hydro ..and i have some questions..i built the 11 plant ebb and flow set up thats made from the 1 inch PVC and 2 litre bottles..iv'e got a 4oo watt MH light 80 gph pump and 2 air stones ...i'm using the expanded clay medium..i only have one question ...HOW FUCKING OFTEN DO I FLOOD THESE PLANTS WITH THE JUICE...iv'e heard everything from once every hour to once every 15 minutes...i know over watering won't be a problen since iv'e improved on the design and added 2 air stones to the plumbing and 1 in the tank to keep the brew circulating..also what and where are the best nutrients..for growing my future children...any suggestions would be much appreciated...also i haven't smoked since 96 due to comming down with a case of permanant epilepsy...but after doing a shit load of research it turns out that smoking ganja doesn't hurt but actually helps with my missfireing brain..happy growing..
  2. try and then under the FAQ section. Nice fert recipes and flooding instructions.

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