Trying DXM!!!

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  1. Alright so ill be trying DXM tonight 236mg of Vicks 44 Cough. What should i be expecting euphoria? happiness? Should i toke with it?
  2. DXM is shit.

  3. It's almost exactly like being drunk.
  4. I suggest you take more than that, but w.e it's your choice. Yes you should toke with it, weed intensifies the trip by SO much.

    At lower plateaus, it feels like you're drunk and high at the same time.
    At higher plateaus, it feels like your brain disconnected from your body. It's a really weird experience
  5. What if i do 296mg?
  6. with only 236mg's i would definatley smoke a few bowls with it

    but you should be feelin nice
    i've only tried it once
  7. Well I can't give you dosage information, but I can tell you how much I did my first time.

    My first time, I did approximately 355 mg of DXM. I used this:

    Maximum Strength Tussin Cough Formula. The only active ingredient in this syrup is DXM, containing 15 mg/5 mL. I chugged 4 fl oz of this and then smoked some bud about 30 min later. At first, it seemed like a normal weed high. But about an hour later, I started feeling really weird. I felt like I was breathing in cold, winter air. My body was all tingly. And then I got really fucked up; extreme euphoria, the happiest I've ever been in my life. I was so happy that I was crying from joy. This lasted the first half of the trip. The entire trip was about 6 hours long.

    I started to feel the dissociative effects during the second half of the trip. There was a point where I sat down in a chair and was talking to my friend when I realized that I couldn't understand anything that he was saying. However, I was able to respond making sense. This was really strange. How could I be able to reply making perfect sense when I couldn't understand a single word he was saying? I looked down at my arms, and it felt like they weren't a part of me anymore. I thought that I was looking down at my body from above. It seemed like my mind separated from my body and started to wander. Since this was my first time trying DXM, I freaked out. I became convinced that I was going insane, and that I was either going to die or stay in the state of mind permanently.

    I expressed these fears to my friend, who then reminded me that I was on a drug, and that the effects would end. But I was so messed up that I couldn't realize what that meant. My thought process was "I'm going fucking insane, why would being on a drug help? It's going to make everything a million times worse, I'm going to fucking die." Eventually, I finally realized that it was the drug making me feel this way, but by that time the trip was almost over.

    I had the best and worst experiences in one trip. Definitely worth it.

    A reminder: this trip was from using only 355 mg of DXM, and smoking a bowl of weed 30 min later.
  8. Would it be safe if i drink a 4oz. Vicks 44 cough bottle and 2 mucinex DM?
  9. And how longs it take to kick in
  10. Alright and will i have any visuals on 296mg? Btw this is like my second time ever trying it.
  11. I have an 8oz bottle of Robo Cough n Cold with DXM HBr in it. It's about half full still, so roughly around 3-4 ounces left.

    Would this be plenty?
  12. Go on Erowid and find out. We can't tell you. We don't know your weight or anything like that.
  13. make sure dxm is the only active ingredient
  14. DXM is not like psychedelic drugs such as shrooms or LSD. It won't make you truly hallucinate. DXM is a dissociative drug. You're misunderstanding its primary effect. You will have some minor distortion of vision, like fuzzy vision.

    And as for when it kicks in, it can take even longer than 45 minutes. It may take an hour, or even a bit above an hour. And most importantly, TAKE IT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. It will reduce the nausea and the effects will be much stronger if you do so.
  15. Alright man thanks for the info :).

  16. You new here?

    With 1400 posts you should know better man...
  17. You talking about him giving dosage info or his suggested dose?

  18. He already asked for advice which I know is against the rules. Might as well give him info before this gets closed.

  19. Dosage advice is not allowed here.

    Reading the rules takes 5 minutes but people are too lazy, and to many people gc is more then a place to go so you dont die on drugs,

    its a home they give us, some people need the moral support we get here, a family of blades,

    this place gets shut down, lots of us have to deal with our problems solo, without a place of understanding, loose friends.

    Moral of the story, read the fucking rules. abide
  20. Yes, I know giving out dosage info is against the rules, therefore I didn't give out any. I have read all the rules. I was merely asking you whether you were bashing on his suggested dose or him giving out dosage information. Now I know the answer.

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