Trying DXM!

Discussion in 'General' started by Dreeker, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. Gonna Go Get The Stuff Necesary to Make 3- 475 Mg Tablets

    About 25$ Worth

    Ne1 Know if this is a hot thing to sell @ school, if so, i might just get money to buy my car
  2. It's cool to sell at parties and shit, but it's not worth much.
  3. Tx

    is there any bad sideeffects? i know from drinking the robotussin is pukin, but on powder?
  4. the only bad side effects would be that it causes about the same amount of brain damage as special k at higher doses. i dont think you could really sell it by extracting it yourself you'd be better off going to the store in and buying pure dxm tabs. then sell them 1 tablet at a time at like 5 bucks a pop or sumthin dependin on if you get the 250's or 500's. some of my friends told me they dont like it because if you take a large dose your first time you get real fucked up and wanna pass out. haha my first time i only took 250 mg's and i was laying in my back yard lookin at the sky barely stayin conscious because i was so fucked up, but i loved it haha. but now i've moved up to higher doses and my body doesnt have that problem anymore and i personally love it. but hey each to his own high right.

  5. morons, don't you people learn!?!?!
    DXM IS NOT TO BE FOOLED WITH!!!!!! Refer to my post in First Time DXM in the General Topics, unelss you really have that little value in your life
  6. haha, opinions opinions opinions, each to his own right, haha whoever wants to try dxm look into it first then try it, if ya like it go for it, if not then fuck it. haha i laugh to much
  7. well said negligent

    i dislike dxm, personally, i feel like shit when i do it....when im smokin the herb, however, i feel glorious
    shit im rambling

    good luck, be careful
  8. Personally, I always have a great time on DXM, but it's not for everyone.
  9. i always smoke it with weed, or dip joints n cigs in it. but i'm going to drink half a bottle tomarrow and go to school.. good idea? lol, whats the high like? i dont know why i'm askin since by the time i get an answer i'l already have done it.

  10. I used to go to school on it all the time....not a very good idea. It's hard to talk (your words slur) and they'll either think you're drunk or super messed up. It could get you into more trouble than it's worth. Just wait until you get home.
  11. YUP uh huh I aswell like to use DXM, And have enjoyed it,but yea it is an aquired taste.:D
  12. so many threads on and learn people!!!! and i have known people who do that robirussen shit, and beleive me...there fucked. it chemically alters your brain. not a good thing to do.
  13. i already did it. :(! nothing happend.. cuz i went to sleep 20 minutes after. waste of dxm.. :(
  14. Ya, it takes (for me) usually like 45 minutes to an hour to kick in. So you didnt really give it a chance to work...

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