trying DXM tonight

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  1. What should I expect, I'm planning on downing a whole bottle o' Delsym (3 fl oz).
  2. Expect to have people flame you, including myself for TRYING it.

    Go ahead, the shit's not addictive or anything, it's not like nobody has ever had their life ruined by it or anything, no big deal.
  3. I see it this way, most all of the hallucinations you get are similiar to when you see something out of the corner of your eye, or in a dark room etc and think it is something that it is not, or of a different size or shape.
  4. its not that bad.. u get dizzy for basically 4-5 hours and ur done
  5. You should try to get Zicam Cough Max Spray. Much better than Dxm. It's a shot of 400mgs straight Dxm. And it's concentrated so it comes on way quicker.
  6. Ignore the ignorant posts above and let me explain. DXM doesn't really make you hallucinate like psychedelic drugs such as LSD or shrooms. DXM is classified as a dissociative drug. At lower plateaus, you will feel high and drunk at the same time (aka crunk). At higher plateaus however, you will feel a really intense high. It will seem like your mind has disconnected from your body, and your mind may seem to "wander", resulting in an out-of-body experience.

    My first time, I chugged 4 fluid oz of Maximum Strength Tussin Cough Formula, which contains 15 mg/5 mL of DXM. I smoked some bud about 30 minutes later. At first, it seemed like a normal weed high, but then about an hour later I started feeling really strange. My body was tingling and it felt like I was breathing in cold, winter air. And then I got really fucked up. Super intense euphoria, the happiest I've ever been in my entire life. I was so incredibly happy that I was crying from joy. This effect lasted the first half of the trip. The trip lasted approximately 6 hours.

    I started to feel the dissociative effects during the second half of the trip. There was a point where I was sitting down and talking to my friend, and somehow I couldn't comprehend anything that he was saying. The strange thing is, my responses were making perfect sense. So how was it possible that I didn't understand anything my friend was saying, but be able to reply normally? Then I looked down at my arms, and suddenly it felt like they weren't a part of me anymore. It was as if I was looking down at my body from above. This is when I became convinced that my mind separated from my body, and that my mind couldn't control my body's actions.

    Unfortunately, since this was my first time experiencing a dissociative drug, I freaked out. I was thinking "Holy shit what the fuck is going on? Am I going insane? I'm definitely gunna die..." I expressed these fears to my friend, who then reminded me that I was on a drug, and that the effects would end. But because I was so fucked up, I didn't realize the importance of his words. My thought process was "Who cares if I'm on a drug? That will just make everything a million times worse, I'M GOING FUCKING INSANE!!!!" Eventually, I finally realized that the drug was making me feel dissociated, but by that time my trip was almost over.

    So in my first trip on DXM, I had the best and worst experiences in my entire life in the same trip, first half being amazing, second half being terrifying. Definitely worth the experience.
  7. question, what type of hallucinations are we talking. Like really scary monster ones or just little things??
  8. Read my post right above you. You won't have any true hallucinations, only some distortions of your vision. Closed-eye visuals are possible though.
  9. Thanks man, stuff is now in my body waiting to be digested.
  10. No problem. Just relax during the trip, don't worry about anything, and you'll be fine
  11. Oh I also forgot to mention something important. Smoking weed can intensify your trip by a lot. And when I say a lot, I really mean a LOT. Whether or not you want to blaze, up to you

  12. Bud is a must with dxm imo. Have fun dude and let us know how it goes.
  13. its been an hour and nothing so far.
  14. i tried it last night also, drank a bottle of robitussin and found that i had a much better time laying on my bed with some sick trance music on my ipod than being up and about waiting for the visuals that naver came
  15. Very wrong.
  16. yeah I ate blue dolphins with dxm spike. I was frozen.
  17. It's like nothing else but really bad for you. The shit gave me burns on my hands. Like it's real irritating to the skin, it helps to take some benadryl like the normal dose before you take it.
  18. that was a complete waste of my time and money, it did absolutely nothing.
  19. Really?? I bought some last night, Robitussin cough 4 FL OZ (only dxm), i kind of want to try it. Is there any sort of hangover or anything? cuz ihave to drive 9 hours tomorrow morning :eek:
  20. You were allergic to DXM, then. You get a big fail for not taking the time to ensure that you weren't allergic, like every single DXM guide on the net instructs you to do.

    If you're not allergic to DXM, you don't have to worry about getting burns on your hands

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