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trying brownies after bad experiences smoking. what to expect?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rkelly2.0, Jul 26, 2017.

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    Hi all,
    I've smoked a couple of times - the first time I (think) it was totally body high and had a SEVERE panic attack, the second time everyone around me was blasted except for me.
    I'm going to try sativa brownies with ~.7g. Any ideas how I might react? Any tips?
  2. Good grief! you're having panic attacks and your getting ready to eat over half a gram of a sativa brownie. If you had panic attacks smoking just wait until you eat that brownie! My best tip is to only eat 1/4 of the brownie at the MOST the first time. If you don't tolerate smoking, edibles last twice as long. They come on and you're stuck with whatever high/panic attack you get for about eight hours. 700 mg (weight) of cannabis at 17% potency will give you 119 mg THC in one brownie, a huge dose for a newish toker. 10mg edibles are considered the starting dose from someone new to cannabis. Be careful, whatever you eat it can't kill you. Please don't go to the ER- it makes stoners look stupid. I hope you have an enjoyable session, mate.
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  3. I agree on maybe not diving right into the whole edible. Perhaps try a partial amount like Joker said, or perhaps wait until you see how you react from smoking again.
    You asking this question suggests you are already slightly worried which may get escalated during the experience

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  4. Smoke before it
  5. I would never recommend someone who didn't enjoy smoking to eat an edible. That would be like telling someone who hated the feeling a beer gave them, to try taking 5 shots of vodka all at once instead. Would you tell someone to do that? Haha...

    Not everyone has to like weed, or be a stoner, or whatever. Find something that feels good to you, just my 2 cents. Goodluck and let us know ow your experience, maybe it will be great!
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  6. If you are determined to continue using cannabis, may I suggest you try what is called "microdosing".
    Try one modest hit from a pipe. Wait 10 minutes. See how you feel.
    If nothing or a little effect, one more hit.
    Do this until you're comfortable with the results you achieve.

    Eating a potent edible like you discribed will most likely have adverse effects on you.
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  7. ^ take his/her advice, eat 1/4 of the brownie and wait for a good 30 minutes to an hour depending on your body type (will take longer to hit you if youre a little bigger). same if you continue with smoking, micro-dose. good luck.
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  8. Update: I just ate about 1/4 of the brownie and I'm waiting for it to kick in. Right now, I'm concerned I got scammed, but I'm not sure.
    I paid for two brownies and then when I got home to try it, there was only one. I know I should have checked before I paid, but I was too nervous.
    The single brownie was double, if not triple wrapped in tin foil I think to make it look bigger. When I texted the person I bought it from, he told me to weigh it because he wasn't selling them by piece but by weight. Apparently one brownie was 33g and two brownies were 66g and the piece I got was 66g. I don't have a scale, so I can't do that, plus that seems kind of ridiculous. The brownie I got was pretty small compared to a normal brownie--I'm feeling like I got ripped off.
  9. Also, thank you for all the helpful advice!
  10. Did it kicked in? Anyways you really shouldn't have eaten weed when you told us smoking does make you anxious or paranoid, eating is significantly more potent than smoking, and if you feel bad while having smoked it will just last 2h compared to 6-8 of an edible.

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