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  1. Ok Guys

    I Tried most comon method of germinating that i described in my previous post. (paper towel, coco, under dome, 1 inch away from light). The result is 6 germinated out of 13. Bad

    I have 3 seeds left and need to get 100 percent. I decided to go with something I cant fail with.
    I bought rockwool qubes. The directions are easy and transplanting them will be stress free. I also bought a mat to make sure it is steady 80 degrees in my tray.

    Qubes already have holes that I need to drop a seed in, without doing paper towel or anything. Just let them grow in the qube until see the roots and then transplant.

    I was also given a solution to spray seedlings once a week as they grow. Take a look at the picture. Anyone familiar with that?

    Thoughts... Thanks

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  2. Yeah, I use those cubes for seeds and clones all the time. Just put the pointy end of the seed down (doesn't really matter, but that is where the root pops out). I don't give them anything though until sprouted, they have stored energy in the seed...
  3. all that...really....get a paper towel...put seeds inside...wet the towel..dripping wet(i use the olivias cloning solution&water basic mix)....put in zip-lock to retain moisture/humidity and wait 72hrs....100% all the time...then plant in cheap basic styrofoam cups in fox farms ocean forrest...very very important(soil for seedlings)...FOX FARMS WONT KILL'M...its great for seedlings and clones...fold inside a towel for warmth and protection and place in a warm u see i use the space between my cfl reflector and roof of seedling/cloning area...perfect...cfl's dont heat up enough to penetrate reflector let along reflector and towel but provides the perfect amount of heat to pop' sexing the 12 i have ready tonight..all the pics are currently ongoing...all are date stamped...

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  4. Soaked mine in water overnight, directly to peat pots after that and germed all 4. Next I will just plant directly into soil....seemed this grow the less I worried about them the better they did :)
  5. Ag man - how long does it take for your seedlings to come out?

    Bud -that is what I did, step by step - 6 out of 13
  6. BTW Bud - your looks great. How long did you keep them under dome and how often did you water?

  7. Oh, about a week if that...
  8. I keep mine on a cloning mat that boost temp by 10F. they are nicely warmed and well watered until sprouted.
  9. Yes. I just bought seedling mat to keep the temp properly warm.
    So it seems that with qubes, you cant really fail unless the seed is bad...

    Do you keep watering the qubes to keep them soaked. Do you keep them under dome to keep them moist?
  10. The cubes have my interest for sure, may be trying them next time. But have you ever tried this without the extra steps, just putting seed in dirt while keeping things warm and moist? I've honestly never even used any sort of humidity dome either. I may have ruined most of my crops due to rookie mistakes but using the simplest seed tactic surely wasn't one of my downfalls.

    Not suggesting you yank them out of your cubes, just food for thought for future tries
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    in dome 7days..water once in stryofoam cups til they drain and no more the rest of the styrofoam life...after the 12/12 tent....100W HPS will stop stretching(hps providing plenty of light) will thicken up stalks....why waste $ and time on cubes...once its sprouts...plant in soil and leave you see...they do great...why the extra transplant...and if you're growing on a large scale...who wants to transplant 100's of seeds twice...and 100's of cubes/pellets...all a waste...IMO..From the red cups they'll go to 1gals(once sex is established and continue 12/12 til finish...ive retired from the worthless veg a 5x5x7 tent that is....

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  12. Hi. They are sitting on the mat right now. Is 88 degrees is too hot for them you think?

  13. Aloe, I'm pretty sure you have to PH the Rockwool first. Fill a tray with water and soak them for a while. Then check the PH because I think rockwool are usually high if my memory is right. That's how I plan to do it on my next grow as well. I"m pretty sure they have a high PH though, so you have to fix it and let them soak awhile so it gets soaked up right and takes the PH down.
  14. why does it look like theres perlite all over some of these lol
  15. If using rockwool cubes you must ph adjust them first. Paper towel method works well, but requires the seeds to be handled too many times. Just soak seed in filtered water for 12-24 hrs. Then just plant 1/4 inch deep in whatever media you are using. Just like mother nature does it. place under dome on heat mat, and I can pretty much guarantee you 100% sucess. Also try to use soil with no nutes, or an inert media like sunshine mix for the first 2 weeks or so. Any nutes can easily damage seedlings.
  16. Yes. I will make note of that.
    For the moment those seedlings that came out are of a consent to me.
    I know I may sound strange, and this is my first time growing from seed but I am very restless with the ones that already came out. Their growth is stagnant at best. I have little leaves but they just do not want to grow. I see exact the same length from day to day to day. I just do not know why they decided to keep alive but stop growing.
  17. Well they can't grow without the proper root base to suck up vital nutrients. With seedling usually they pop the surface of the soil in a few days then they concentrate on root growth for 1-2 weeks. They seem to not do much during this time because all the plants energy is going into building roots. Once your little seedling creates a root base it will begin to grow very quickly. Patience are a key factor in growing. Just let them do their thing.
  18. lol..really?...its an ingredient of the ocean forest most soils
  19. exactly!
  20. no...seedlings and new cuttins like a higher heat and humidity...think of fresh clone keep the heat and humidity high to help them along...same thing...thats why i use the Olivias cloning solution ans not just ph'd water....

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