Trying again! New grow.

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  1. Trying again since my last plant was a male.
    Candyland strain. Growing outdoors. North Texas.

    I'm wondering should I prune anything?
    What you guys think?

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  2. Your plants look really healthy. Sorry your last was a male, it happens. On your smaller plant, try topping it. It wouldn't hurt to top all of them because it allows for two colas instead of one main cola. Lower leaves can also be pruned to your discretion as the two taller plants have a larger canopy and obstruct light from reaching the bottom leaves. Other than that, looks like you have things under control. :)
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  3. Thanks! Where exactly would you cut to top it off? Do I want to prune the biggest leaves on it? There are some that are huge, bigger than my hand. They block a lot of light on the lower branches.

    The smallest plant got damaged as a seedling during a storm. It took a while for it to recover but it's doing better now.
  4. Cut it right in the middle
  5. Top at the 3rd node and bend new shoots under wire on the cage and do it 1 more time.
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  6. example-of-topping-becoming-two-colas.jpg images.jpg 077f650c775f5860d03510528b4c32bb897327ed.png topping-vs-fiming.jpg
  7. Wow! Those pictures help so much! Thank you!
  8. I have heard alot about topping could you share insights
  9. Just wanted to post some updates.
    These have been growing since April 25th?

    It's been fun watching these go through changes!


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  10. they are looking really good. make sure they dont get any light at night. back porch, street lights... anything at all can confuse them. keep updating. and prepare your hands for arthritis come october.
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