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Trying a new approach to a tolerance break - short blog.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kannabosm, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. No TB in 15 months so......I planned to take a TB in Mid Sept prior to an elective procedure later that month. I have changed my mind. Normally I stop cold, walk away for 3-4 weeks & return. No this time.

    *Mid July I cut consumption from 1.5 grams of flower per day to about 3/4 gram. I did smoke some CBD flower in it's place. After a couple of weeks, I have let myself run 100% out of the good stuff and I have been smoking CBD flower since Aug 3d. I plan to have 3/4 of a gram of Hemp flower per day for the next few days but slowly cut that down to zero.

    I will be back on the I am posting this mostly to keep me honest, I really need to get this done. K
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  2. April 2018 since I last took a break. I do edible oil Kief, Coconut oil capsules and I've hit the 400mg per day point again. Last time it was 3 weeks before my medical pain crawled back into my life so we'll see how long it takes this time. Been 9 days clean so far and being sober is just plain weird.
    My wife is on my ass to start using again. "Your acting all hyper and on" she complains.
    Damn woman make up your mind. I'm to stoned or to sober?? LMAO find a happy middle ground she says.

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  3. Thank you for sharing. YES-Weird Feeling. I will have some Casio Cookies Hemp resin, no thc in this. If this does not do the trick I will stop using it and go cold turkey faster. I need all the advise I can get. I have keep reminding myself I am saving $350 a month. ;)
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  4. Only going cold turkey will balance one's neurotransmitters and chemical systems. There is no way to cheat it.
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  5. I am on day 2 of "cheating" a tolerance break. Last night was not bad, just a headache. I did not have the cbd resin, I just had plenty of Earl Grey tea in its place last night. I got my 6 hrs of sleep last night. Stayed busy, still not cannanoids. I must say it was hard to resist these zips of flower that just came in on the "wire". No appetite but plenty thirsty. I did an hour at the gym around 4pm, going very light & steady cardio, which normally I do stoned. This is not as fun...but I did it. Thanks for all the advise and help, this has got to be the most needed TB in my life. I would like to ask, how often do you take a TB and for how any days? k

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  6. This is just me.....and I don't to T-breaks very often....but i look at it as......why prolong the inevitable? I've tried smoking half the amount, etc...and im just "miserable" for I cold turkey it for a bit and then jump back into it
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  7. I am most certainly cold turkey now. Since I am being treated for an unrelated infection I wanted to taper down. The infection causes a lot of nausea, I think I took my tolerance up trying to medicate that away. I went from a zip every 45 days to 2-3 a month, maybe more, I tried not to look. I have to do this again in late Sept....if I could just keep going to then but I will not. How long would be a good reasonable goal, any idea are appreciated. k
  8. Day 3. 9am - Well last night I got at least 30 mins of sleep in an 8 hour span....Lots of joint pain has returned, the other reason I use cannabis. I tried to make it, after 2 hrs I had a hydrocodone as per my Dr. in this situation but it did not touch the pain. I have no real interest in cannabis at the moment, same for food, yuck. I have lost 4lbs since Aug 1st, just can not eat.

    I should have said so first, I have removed all cannabis related stuff from my "home". If I could get my sleep and this pain back in line, this would be a breeze.

    Thanks for the messages and encouragement, I really appreciated it, k
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  9. 6:45am Much better sleep last night, but the sweats. Had to change pillows at 2am, soaked. This happens to me 100% of the time on a TB. I can say that this is much better route for me than just cold turkey all of a sudden. This time I taper down and sub'd indoor cbd hemp for my normal green. Headaches are not even a factor this time. I have not had any interest in smoking, I suspect that is because I am committed & I need to do this. I have lost about 10lbs since last week, partly from the medical issues (month long Doxyycycline regimen) I am facing and because I have now lost my appetite-I break down in May and spend $1200 on a pair of Tom Ford jeans that now fall off of me....oh well. ;)

    The nasty material keeps coming up, from black to brown, nuff said about that.

    Last week, my chest was heavy & congested. This morning my chest feels less congested but I am sure this is going to take a bit longer before I feel like they are healthy again.

    3 days into this 100% cannabis free TB has proven to me again, the 2nd day is the hardest for me, every time.
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  10. My wife would be mickying my food or drinks if I quit

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  11. I haven't took a t break since last year & that was only for just over 24 hours because I was having surgery :laughing:
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  12. I am not trying to do that. It has been easy this time, I was hoping to set a road map for other, so-to-speak. My other health issues are not related to cannabis. Easy peazy.
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  13. 4:04pm Day 3. Really starting to feel clear now. I still have no appetite at all. I just skipped lunch and it was a nice one.....but for some reason, food is not much interesting. Still with the nasty stuff coming up, it seems that I have an endless supply? Hoping that gets back to normal soon. Lastly, no headache at all. Best day, no doubt of this TB. Does seem longer than 3 days but going from 10-12 bowls a day to 0 seems to have that effect. k
  14. 7:25am Day 4. Had the first restful sleep in 3 night. I can confirm the vivid dream as well. Nothing much really, just very detailed & complex. Without any appetite, I continue to shed a few pounds of unwanted ME - so for now this is a blessing. A bit less of the nasty stuff coming up, nuff said. Removing all of my gear from my surroundings was suggested & it is working well for me. I never even think of smoking.

    *Lastly, I have noticed some really clear behavior changes. I normally work-out with headphones in, then after I shower, I put them back in and finish listen for a few hours. The last few days I find that I am not interested in going into "my little zone". I have not used them since the TB, it is like I want to hear what is around me, normally I prefer to toke a it & stay in my controlled environment. I seem to even be able to look at my News Feed & NOT vomit at all the Pro Gun Anti Gun Anti Trump Pro Trump shit. k
  15. Day 4: 6:45pm Nothing to report other than still getting the gunk up. Feeling very clear but I have no time for BS...the reason I started smoking the Green Goddess in the first place. Still no appetite, nothing.

    At this point & unless something occurs unexpected I can say I can do this as long as I want/need, it has become easy. The key for me seems to be cutting down & using a bit of hq CBD flower for a few days before cold turkey.
  16. Day 5: 10:25pm No cravings at all. Still cough up lots of crap, I am surprised there is anything left, that Reggie that I had a week back must have been plenty nasty! I am down 17 pounds since July 15, no appetite without the green I guess. My plan was 5-7 days, since I am clearly detoxing as the crud keeps coming up. I am going until at least the cough/nasty ceases. Have a great weekend, as they say in the service, Smokem if you Gottem! k
  17. Day 7: 715pm Appetite is finally coming back!! Still a lot of crud coming up but I hear that may last weeks. Trust me, the first 3 days are the hardest. No fear, if I can do this anyone can. I will be Green soon, just a little more detoxing, not sure how long. A day or two maybe.
  18. Day 8 & I decided to have tiny bowl of a new strain of cbd flower that came in the other day around Noon today.
    It was pleasant and very chill.
    About 8:30pm I sifted through my stems, got one med bowl that I pulled thru my ice power'd straight shot bong, "Biggy"!
    Screenshot 2019-07-28 at 9.00.42 AM.png

    This Tolerance Break must have worked because I am high as hell...I am talking about "nuting futs" high!! SUCCESS! From nothing more than 3 light rips of a mixed up bunch of tidbits!
    I have to be honest, this is as high as I have been in 5 years - when in Vegas I had my first GG#4 followed by some Tangy Vape cart with some super indoor Cali-Kush Blue Dream, with a few bottles of that nasty Dixie~Elixirs, Soaring in the clouds like Killer after his 1st Mr Nice Guy HIGH, the first Real Pot I ever had. Reggie was all we had until we got Rec here. My tolerance must have been much higher than I ever before. Still planning on no more than a Sat & Sun for a while. This is my last post here, again, thanks for reading along.

    I hope that it was helpful to someone, it was to me. k
  19. You haven't been listening to the truth. Below is a current thread where he finally took a tolerance break. And just read what he thought about the fresh clean high when he first smoked on day 8:

    Trying a new approach to a tolerance break - short blog.

    Unfortunately that means you cannot hope to get supremely high regardless of how potent of THC you are consuming as long as you might, because once you are tolerance limited with depleted neurotransmiters, CB1 receptors, and various body chemical systems out of whack, only another break will work. No way to cheat it smoking all the time.
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