Trying A Little Experiment I Call The menorah

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  1. way to describe it by showing a pic:
    I took three seeds (good chance they are female, but no idea what of strain they are.
    As you can see, I tied down the two largest and pulled them to the side. As the budding stalks grow, they will grow up, like the "sea of green" effect. the smaller one in the middle will be getting enough sun, and because I will water regularly and fertilize them to an almost hydroponic level, they should do fine in thie 4-5 gallon pot.
    Any ideas?

  2. Those roots'll choke each other. I believe all the plants will die, but I've never tested it myself.
  3. Let me know, should be exciting either way
  4. Seems like the roots will just intertwine. I see no real benefit here but tell us how it works out. Interesting none the less.
  5. 3 plant in a 5g pot will get root bound, I think if you upped to a larger pot say 7-8g you might pull it off. But as others have said before me I would be interested in the outcome
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  6. I Am not sure if it is 6 or 7 - I bought them at Home depot looking for the biggest pots I could find - 16 inches high, 18 inches wide at the mouth
    My plan if they get root bound, I'll saw the bottom off and plant it in the ground. Hopefully they should be able to withstand that shock
  7. I'm sure that wouldnt cause that much stress imo but as a new grower myself I can't be 100% on that

    if we all had a smoke, we wouldn't need war

  8. Is there any kind of chance they'd get their genes mixed up?
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    I have seen decent results with multiple plants in one container.
    I myself am going to try some out in my old shotgun fruiting chamber.
    Not my plants.
  10. are you trying to do something like this.. 

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  11. Tweakz what is that called?
  12. id call it the Menorah! lol it doesnt have a name that im aware of, its just some extreme LST
  13. That picture is amazing

    if we all had a smoke, we wouldn't need war

  14. It would be a shame if 1, 2 or all turned out to be male. What a waste of time unless you are breeding seeds.

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