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Tryin' to quit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vape_babe, May 30, 2009.

  1. So guys as much as I don't want to....I am trying to quit tokin'. Im trying to get a better job and I have to be able to pass a DT to get hired. So until I can get a better job and be makin for money, no more tokin' for me.

    Any suggjestions or tips?? Thanks GC.
  2. just use ur time wisely. try to stay active/busy....not physically addictive so if ur mind is somewhere else u wont think about weed. i had to take 6 months off to write a couple papers. worked for me...

    stay strong
  3. get a girl friend that loves sex. You wwont have much time on your hands to want to smoke bud. peace and good luck.
  4. If you gotta quit than just quit. Just don't smoke any bud. It's simple. And you can have the assurance of knowing that it's a temporary thing, just until you get the new job. It wont hurt to be highless for a little while
  5. Ummm...i dont swing that way. I have a boyfriend thou.
  6. just stop easy as that
  7. ^^^

    it's not that easy for all of us. The first week or so is the worse, but it gets better. Exercising helps, as well as getting proper sleep. Even though it's destructive, indicative of substance abuse, and not good advice, a couple drinks can sometimes do it at the end of the day. I hope you get that better job, cause in the end, it's your goals that matter.
  8. ya fo sho. but dude if you cant even quit for a while the best thing you need is a t break good lucke.
  9. get some mushies or acid, they wont test for either of those :)

    You could also get some legal herb if you wanted. Or just stop. It isnt bad really. You'll be fine.
  10. ya fo sho. but dude if you cant even quit for a while the best thing you need is a t break good lucke.
  11. Just dont think about it, the most important thiing is to stick to it. Tell yuour friends and just let somebody know so that you know you are officially taking a break, it really helps to have others know and possibly support you. Dont be around people who are smoking.
    I just started my break and its been 2 days. Just get your mind onto something else, maybe go to the gym, or just get out and get active. I found skating earlier today(mind you infront of many head shops, another addiction:glass) kept my mind off of it and let me relax. Find a substitute(NOT another drug) for a while until you can stop by using good old will power. I made it sound much harder whne i made a thread about it, but now i find it enjoyable. Sobriety can be a real trip!
  12. I'm sorry it doesn't work like that.
    You will always be a smoker.
    I quit for like 5 months. Honestly the best thing to do is stay away from everything.
    Everything that reminds or makes you think about bud.

    I wish the best of luck......

    Cause i couldn't
  13. I don't find it that hard to stay away, IF I have a reason, so just think of your job and don't use. Stow away all your pieces/other paraphenalia in hard to reach/hard to find spots.

    Also, I found that I just liked the feel of smoking something, so I started smoking a cigarette or two a day when I took my first real break a couple weeks ago....not the healthiest solution but it works. Plus its cheap just don't get addicted...I haven't gotten addicted at all from doing just 1-3 a day or not even having any for a few days so you'll be fine if you use that method.

  14. thats actually how you start smoking cigs. a lot of my friends have done that and everyone of them now smokes
  15. OK, if you arent addicted redchrons, then stop smoking cigs for a couple months. THAT is how you get addicted, stop now if you think your life has any value.
  16. Well I have smoked cigs before this too, again I'd smoke a couple a day for a few weeks then just stopped....probably going to stop fairly soon as I'm trying to get back into shape again lol.

  17. Just quit. It's not hard to do. You might not want to hang around on stoner websites until you're clear though if you're having a hard time staying away from it.
  18. I agree with oldskool, if you want to stop now, click the log out button right now and forget about bud.
  19. I have wanted to try those. Ha. But today my boyfriends friend gave him some bud today and were both trying to quit together. And he said he would save a bowl for us to smoke when i got to his house. So get packs the bowl when i get here and were smoking and drinkin (well he was mostly drinkin) and he told me to drink some of his OE 40 and i told him i dind't want too and he asked again so i said okay lemme take a hit and i will and he grabbed the pipe outta my hang and said take a drink or he was gonna throw it and i told him to gimme a minute and he counted down from 5 and said drink it and i didn't and he threw it over the wall out into a field and i got all pissed of cause i wanted to finish the bowl. And then he got into this big rant about how he didn't like me saying that cause you cannot let this control your life and about how he use to be addicted to this and that back in the day. And i was pissed off but i still know where hes coming from and its the truth. But i still think that there was a better way he could have gone about it, but he was drunk...he prob wont even remember throwing it in the moring. Hes gonna wake up and be like baby wheres my pipe?.....

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