Tryin shrooms tonight!

Discussion in 'General' started by Dawson_Canuck, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. what should i expect first off? i am doin it with my best friend who is also a guy on the forum lol and another dude on the forum. im pretty excited, worked alll day came home hit the bong showered had a beer n here i am. wow im not even sure what so say lol.....well im excited about the weekend!!!! WHAT DO I EXPECT? WHATS THE BEST WAY TO EAT EM?(we are are havin em with a birthday cake haha)
  2. I tripped my first time on shrooms a few days ago. The best way to eat them is to just put em in your mouth and chew a lot. Expect them to taste like ass.

    I am a hardhead compared to the people I first took them with. I got a crazy body high, my brain went a mile a minute, and ordinary things seemed spectacular (especially nature). There is a certain part of tripping that is indescribable. Like you come away feeling that you have gained something, but you don't really know what it was.

    I didn't have any visuals despite eating 3 grams of very potent stuff, but my friend ate 1.5g of the same and he saw fucking unicorns on the ceiling.

    Just one tiny bit of advise too...I wouldn't look in the mirror. I found myself doing it a lot on the come up, because I thought I looked different, but then later (peaking) I caught a glance of myself in the mirror about 10 feet away and it frightened me.

    I don't know what kind of stuff you're into, but one thing that is amazing fun is to turn on The Wall and close your eyes. For me, the visuals matched the story. Closing your eyes is pretty much fun all the time.
  3. I would drink some Orange Juice with them, or grind the shrooms up into orange juice. Just relax and you'll be fine.
  4. Make sure you write a trip report man, I want to hear about your adventure.
  5. i usually just breat the shrooms up into little peices and swallow them with water

    and if the your trip somehow turns bad just remember it will be over in 6-8 hours
  6. exactly,,,i hate any kind of shroom , on pizza, in chili, in spaghetti,,, some reason i just dont like the stuff.... just take a good bite and swallow your medicine,,, i dont even chew the things,,,, just put them in your stomach and let it be done.....

    my cousin tripped 2 wks. ago i spent the weekend with him,,,, i was too drunk to do any other ''drug'' so i passed..... he was funny to be around, i hope i aint like that when im trippin......

    we may do it toghter in 2 wks. he told his ol lady and she got hot because she was at work... and missed it..
  7. well this is dawson right now. lol wow i just ate the shrooms straight wow i just so side tracked lmfao ill have fun reading this messed up well its not what i expected. chilled out and tripped balls for a while. i am usuallly talkative but i cant talk man. weird shit! wwell the 1 dude puked all over the place lmfao but we partied on and i went outside and sat1 on a swing i stilll trippin hard haha. it is very hot were i live to
  8. stick it in your and chew, most of the time they taste like almonds to me then just turn to straight shit. you'll regret at first ever sticking them in your mouth but in about 20-30 minutes (depending on how much food you have in your stomach) you'll start to feel great and most likely you'll like like it
  9. the shrooms didnt taste as bad as i thought tey would, still tasted bad but not puking bad. Pretty much the whole i thing i did while trippin was stare at walls and the roof n shit. in my buddys living room i was startin at the roof and it looked like it was moving and getting fuzzy. after josh puked i sat on a hammock(sp?) staring at the garage for half an hour... it was too hard to watch a movie cuz the wall distracted.... once i burnt out i had a mad amount of energy! and i started smoking my ass off( i dont smoke cigs or cigars but i has a couple of each.....weird). then i just crashed on a couch and came home in the morning...and here we are!
  10. want the easiest way to eat shrooms????grind em all up as much as u can then get a little bowl of apple sauce mix it then eat...i dont even taste the shrooms at all, and u can jus eat it bite by bite and it wont taste bad...

    we cant tell u wat to expect but we can tell u how to have a good time.

    THINK POSATIVE!!! DO NOT eat them if u arent in the right mood. have a sitter which u will,and eat them and TRIP in a comfortable spot. if u do those 4 thing u will have a good trip. have fun man, shrooms are the best drug i have takin, be prepared for some cool shit to happen!

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