try to stay away from bag seed!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by riff, May 4, 2011.

  1. i wasted a month and a half growing some bag seed and both females went tranny on me. i was so happy to see calyx and pistils everywhere, and then i noticed this:[​IMG]

    both of them had a few pollen sacs mixed in with the female flowers.
  2. lol your plants basically butsexed you

  3. no shit. they got implants, hormone treatments, put on make-up, and caught me slipping at the bar.
  4. Keep those fuckers anyway.

    Youll get a shit ton of seeds, and a little bud..

  5. nah. i dont want ANY pollen getting released in my grow box. i already killed them.
  6. Damn, you should have just put them outside.

    I didnt know you had other plants with them either.

    I definitely would have moved them outside or something, for seeds and hash later.

    Too late now though haha.
  7. i live in chicago. not too many places to put them. and i guess that is the difference between you and me; i am not going to settle for an inferior quality product. haha.

  8. Yeah, I live in florida and grow all my plants outside. So thats not a problem for me, but I could see how you would be low on room in a city..

    But if you put them outside, and away from all your other plants, the only ones whos bud quality would suffer were the ones outside, which would pollinate themselves and make seeds and still some bud.

    The bud wouldnt be great on the hermies, but thats why you make hash out of them + trimmings from the good plants.

    It wouldnt hurt the quality of the hash or the plants that were kept inside, and you get a lot of seeds and a little extra hash/shitty bud..

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