Try to make a hotbox room but found rodenticide, still safe?

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  1. Hey ya'll was looking to make a lovely "hotbox room" in my new place but I've come across a situation that I do not have the proper knowledge to handle. I found a small black box labeled "Rodenticide". We were planning on being in the room for a decent amount of time, but are a little sketched out if there's dangerous chemicals in there or something.

    Normally I'd just throw it out and be fine, but the room we're renovating is really small. We also don't know how long it's been there, and the rodenticide could have been just contaminating the air for years. Please help!!

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  2. It's a bait station. Had a lump of poison food in it. Unless you bust it open and eat the contents your safe enough.
    Most rodent bait is a massive dose of blood thinners and they don't evaporate into the surrounding air.
    Remove the bait station if it offends you.

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  3. Oh... and get a cat! That trap was there for a reason, I'll venture.
    A cat, indoor or out, will solve that problem; I have experience in this matter.
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