Try to describe the weather

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    Try to describe the weather outside.

    It can be anyday of the year any temerature, any where.

    But try to describe it the longest possible.

    I was reading night of the hunter, and I read a paragraph that described the weather. And it was amazing how he described it.

    It was:

    It was a warm night for the end of March. Walt had left the front door of the ice-cream parlor open when he went out after supper to gossip with the old men down at Darly Stidger's store. And yet it was not spring, although winter was dead and the moon was sickly with the neitherness of the time between those seasons: those last few weeks before the cried of the green frogs would rise in stiching clamor from the river shores and the meadow bogs.

    So I read that and its been stuck in my head all day.

    And it insipred me to start this thread.

    So GC lets see how imaginative you are.
  2. it is uncomfortably hot for 2 40 am....ohh wait i have 12 bitches and an artificial sun in my room...thats why

  3. very descriptive. well done.
  4. The sky is pissing rain down into the toilet that is Richmond city

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