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Try This!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by beaverpearl, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. TRY THIS..
    Chew gum when you are extremely High.Tell me what you thik.

    I recentely did tried to chew gum(Juicy Fruit) and I was
    HIGH. It was the hardest things ive ever done. It felt
    my jaw was splittin. And I felt I was going to puke.

    ......................or could it be the hella good sativa I just smoked,,
  2. One time i was high and i noticed that i had 4 packs worth of gum in my mouth :|
  3. huh? i've chewed gum while high before.. had no problems.. used to hide ganja breath..
  4. haha your all usless. :-D but nah fo real tho i love that ginsing gum.. i forget who makes it i think theres a black in the name or something but wow is that some good ass gum to go on top of the wonderful pot taste :-D
  5. someone shoudl invent weed gum, you chew and get baked..thad kick ass

  6. give better meaning to, you got any gum? :D
  7. I always eat gum after I smoke.. sometimes im so high i forget bout chewing it and just let it sit in my mouth lol.. but it's to take away ganja breath as mentioned above :D
  8. i used to chew gum all the time while i was high. it helped with the cottons.
  9. Yes, it definetly helps with the cottons. I recommed Excel spearmint. I usually chew the same piece for at least half an hour before I spit it out
  10. icebreakers blue for about 2 hours. I've done wrigleys spearmint until it dissolved into a really gross texture...about 3 and a half hours.
  11. damn i remember last night that someone posted that and i tried it, but i kept getting hungry and accidentaly swallowing the gum.
  12. try eating a stem when your stoned. its damn near impossible
  13. lmao... yes, it definately does help with the cottons :)

    anyone ever chew gum while rolling face? it's pretty intense... you chew the shit outta it, LMAO! better the gum than clentching your teeth though. ;)
  14. I chew gum all the time when I'm high. The best is Extra "Wildberry Frost". It tastes like wine, it's awesome.
  15. When I chew winterfresh when I'm extremely high,it tends to liqufie into a paste in my mouth.I have no idea how or why.

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