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  1. Hello GC,

    What I am about to share had a very profound experience for me, it was just an amazing euphoric experience!

    Here we go first of all you have to believe in it. Before you smoke the herb mother nature has given you. Put that nugget in your palm and hold it to your heart. First ask permission for Gaia/Mother Nature and even the nugget it self "Please give me permission to smoke/consume this beautiful herb. Thank you for this amazing blessing and I shall treat you with the most respect." Or something along those lines or even add more to the prayer if you like. While its at your heart go into a semi-meditative state close your eyes. Give all the love and light to your marijuana even visualize white light and love rushing out of your heart into this miracle plant(a good 5-10min the more the better). Think of whatever that you love and give that feeling to this plant even give it a blow of energy. Again say "Thank you, Thank you and put it between your palms and say Namaste(which means "The spirit in me respects the spirit in you," "the divinity in me bows to the divinity in you). Now smoke this beautiful energized herb. Let me know how it goes ;)

    I hope it effects you the same way it did for me.
  2. Nice. If this is done with sincerity it should make a big difference.
  3. Yeh, I'm definitely not going to hold my weed next to my chest and whisper sweet prayers to it for 10 minutes before smoking. Thats literally the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
  4. I'm pretty high sitting here reading this, but I think that if you truly believe in what you're doing, this would make smoking an even greater experience.

    If I remember, I'll try it.
  5. I'm not "hating"
    but I also am not doing this.
    My spiritual relation with pot comes with being in nature and exploring, not by praying to the earthmother or to the holy spirit to bless my ganj.

    I see threads all the time about people who do funky stuff to increase their "spiritual connection with the herb"

    (one guy seriously put a nug in a balloon and ate it, then went through his shit for the next few days until he found the balloon, and smoked the nug inside)
    I just think it's weird... just smoke the weed people
  6. why would you bother being negative if you have no desire to try it or no interest? why look down on a practice another blade has found helpful to his spiritual journey?

    it just seems pointless to do that.

    to OP i may have to try that sometime :smoke:

  7. Let me tell you about this experiment some scientest did that may make this thread valid.

    So they took 8 different jars (I think 8) of water, and told half good things and wrote good things on the jar, such as "I love you" and "Thank you". On the other half, they wrote negative things, like, "Your wortheless" and such.

    They took a drop from each jar, and froze them. The ones with the good sayings on them formed beautifl crystals, and amazing shapes. The ones with negative thoughts on them came back as ugly lumps of ice.

    Look the story up it incredible.
  8. Frost4, I've heard of that study, but I can't remember the name. If I remember right, it had to do with solfeggio harmonies though?

    Anyways, I hear good vibes make happy plants. Happy plants make happy highs. Idk if it works with dead plants... but I guess it's worth a shot? I'll give a try next toke session. :)

  9. I talk to my plants, play them music, and just watch them grow.

    there are always positive vibes around when I'm packing a bowl, never worry.
  10. Because I felt like it . . .
    What does that matter? Those tests also prove that if you play Hendrix music the plants will grow up to be sickly and small as apposed to plants who grew listening to a shitty band like Air Supply. Does that mean soft rock is more positive than Hendrix?

    Also, dig this experiment I just did not even 10 minutes ago. I took my bud in my hands and I began shouting at it; "Youre disgusting! Youre a gateway drug! You killed John Bulushi, its your fault he's dead! All youre good for is getting me high." After my taunting I smoked the bud. And so far my high is quite good. Maybe even a little better than last night.

    Myth Busted!
  11. Though I disagree with the way white indian is handling this, I am pretty sure the guy who did the water experiments is not legit and neither are his experiments. from wiki:

  12. Any difference you feel is purely psychosomatic.

    Thus I have no need to participate in this since I wouldn't believe in it anyway.
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    Marijuana plant is already a higher vibration plant no matter how much negative energy you put into it. Its mission is already to keep you in the present moment and give you a positive outlook on everything but It can also be enhanced. Its energetic tone resonates with purification, liberation, peace and love. It must' ve liked the fact that you actually acknowledged its presence for the first time.:p

    That is the practice I actually do right after I smoke. I just don't sit around right after Im done... I go and enjoy natures beauty. You don't have to pray to it at all, you can still give it positive vibes and love before you smoke it, no? :)

    Thank you all for sharing your perspectives. Whatever works for you, I am just sharing my experience. One Love.
  14. "We bless it, we roll it, we toke it, and pass it."
  15. I mean it obviously helps you, makes you feel more connected or as such. But you shouldn't start believing in some ganja mother because you get better highs after you meditate, and think about cannabis and nature in general and have that be the outcome. It's all psychological. But what you're doing if it helps you, is awesome, keep doing it, why wouldn't you?
  16. As above, so below, I'm gonna smoke and watch a show. Double double toil and trouble, ride a broomstick or a shovel. Amen.
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    Have you, or anyone else tried to recreate this, or is this something thats just accepted? Its interesting, and I have heard of this story as well over and over the past few weeks, but I remain skeptical. I am pretty sure this is just a nice hippy story, no offense to anyone, but until i see others successfully recreate the same thing over and over (still doesn't necessarily validate anything) im not buying it.

    I say do whatever the fuck you want with your weed, im just gonna stick to smoking and eating it. If anyone gets anything from a plant spirit or any sort of psychological boost then more power to them, cant fault anyone for trying to get more from their high I suppose.

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