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Try this my fellow stoners

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedzilla420, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. Hey GC,
    Hope everyone is doing great. This idea came to me one day when I was out of da cheeba and I wanted to get high. I had like 5 blunt roaches and I figured I could just smoke them, but how? They were really dry, hard, and thick. I looked beside my desk and then it hit me. I saw my trusty "coffee" grinder. I could just put the roaches in the grinder to make the smoking material a finer consistency and easier to roll. So I ground the roaches to about the consistency of pencil shavings. I rolled a THICK blunt with this stuff and I got fucking B A K E D!!! (much higher than i normally do) I guess this is because the paper is really resinated with THC. So tell me what you think...
  2. Yeah, I do this on occasion when I don't have anything to smoke.
  3. its nice to just put the roach in a bowl and bong it. resinated weed tastes gross, imo.
  4. Ya, just rip up them roaches and toss em in the bong. The water filtered smoke is a must, it makes the roaches taste a lot less harsh.
  5. 30 or 40 a week?!?!? Thats a little much dude jesus christ thats like like 6 joints a day or some shit
  6. big fat roach blunts..... i like those :)

  7. Wow.. that is a lot, but I'm sure he has lots of friends :D
  8. lol my roach collections dont get very far, i usually just completely finish my joints/blunts or i run out of weed and smoke roachbowls
  9. If I got my roach tin on me, Ill purposly leave some of the joint left over, just a little bit, u know? Cuz really, what would those few resinny hits do for you at the end of a big session? Nothing, thats what, so why not save em up so you can get high for free later on?

    I usually save for awhile till my little tin is full (20-30 roaches). And if I really wanna get high and can't grab weed, Ill just bong a few of them, only when I can't grab though.
  10. Okay please tell me you guys open up the roached and use just the weed, not the paper, right?
  11. Gee l,am glad l grow my own and hardly ever run out [​IMG]
  12. i like FearAndLoathing's idea of saving a little bit that way u dont have to smoke resinated paper.
  13. a roach is part of the joint/blunt, i smoke it after the said joint/blunt, but i do like finding roaches, andyway, i smoke resin or kief when im out
  14. My friends ashtray in his car builds up blunt roaches very quickly. We often smoke them out of a bong. Sometimes we just light them up and smoke them with a roach clip. Sometimes we roll other blunts. Every method gets me high.
  15. When we were playing basketball the other night, my friends used my car to smoke up, and I just found a fat roach in my ashtray. Totally forgot about it, woo, go thread.

    Be back later.

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