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Try this it will get you fucked up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr.Banner, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. get a nickel bag or a dime bag (half a gram to a gram) and get a huge amount of weed, and get a pipe that can be taken apart, and place the small amount(nick or dime) inside a compartment where you wont suck it into your mouth, and where it wont get smoked or burned in the pipe. smoke as often as you can out of this very pipe, and leave the weed inside the pipe for like a month or two, all the while smoking through this pipe, the more you smoke the more resinated the weed inside will get, and then when you run out take out the dime or nick and smoke it, you'll be high as hell
  2. no.

    just no
  3. would be a pain in the ass to get the weed out
  4. I've done this, does work actually, you just have to have a metal pipe. One where you can unscrew the main chamber. I don't know if I'd stuff a fucking dime in there, but you can pack a reasonable amount of weed. It's very gooey, and if you put mids in there, it'll give you a high like it was the dank.

    :p Don't stuff weed into your glass pipes though..lmao.
  5. I'm sorry but, what?
  6. if you pack a little bit of weed in a metal pipe that can come apart and smoke through the weed without burning it, it will raise the quality of the weed
  7. Sounds like a good idea in theory. but wouldnt it clog the piece? or atleast make it hard to hit?

    and id imagine if you didnt pack it in their tight enough it would shit in your mouth.

    maybe im just not envisioning the idea correctly.
  8. haha i think his theory is half-baked...
  9. nah it works well thers actaully a large empy space that you can pack weed in to resinate it in some metal pipes works well
  10. i guess not all
  11. i used to make my own magic buds this way back in the day.. get one of those cheap pipes with a removable chamber, fill it up, check on it a week later, toke up.. *shrugs*
    kind of for the kids, though
  12. I haven't done this in years... but yes, it works. You need a pipe with a chamber (usually the small metal ones). You just want to use a bud that is small enough so you can still get a hit, and large enough that pieces won't come through the mouth piece. Basically, it just gets the bud resinated.
  13. i guess this goes with the whole 'smoking resin' debate
    if you really want your dank to be covered in ash and nasty tar
    go for it
  15. Damn a month or two is damn long. I would have about two or three sessions with it then smoke it. Smoking two months worth of resin is kinda gross.
  16. False. It will get resin all over the weed. Which imo is pretty dirty, but do as you please.
  17. i would guess the premise would be to use mids or something lesser, and have it get resinated in the dankness that you do smoke out of the piece.
  18. this is nearlly as sick as scrapping your bong out and smoking that shit . dont do it . get a job and buy a bag , or even b etter grow your own .
  19. Sounds like you're just removing resin from your hits by putting the buds in there. So you're making your hits weaker only to make your other weed stronger. Kinda dumb. Just smoke a bigger bowl.
  20. banner did you even try this before posting

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