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  1. I've got a score of 132IQ.
    Mensa IQ Test
    Tell me your score and opinion on this test.
  2. 35 questions? 25 minutes? :laughing: Call me lazy.
  3. I scored 1!

    Finally won at something.

  4. Well damn, if you've actually scored 160 then that's pretty damn impressive. I'm not saying I believe you, but in case you did, I have to congratulate you.
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  5. thank you. I could not believe it myself, but most of the questions were common sense. The ones at the end were a little tricky and I passed on them.
  6. 201:
    If I cheat in an IQ test, it means I'm using all the resources that available to succeed,

    which is what an intelligent person should do. going blindly into something hoping that your brain, and your brain only, will get you out of the situation is not an intelligent behavior

    Also, I'm reading that the tests have a time limit. That only puts you under stress, possibly compromising the results. Is that really fair?
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  7. No, that's not fair. I don't think time tests are very reliable myself for the reasons you've stated and more. For example, some people are slow but very deep thinkers. Those type of people will score poorly on time tests, and I think that's a very wrong assessment of one's competence. I totally agree with you.
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  8. And what you said about cheating...God damn, that's common sense but yet it's not even common.
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  9. Otherwise it wouldn't translate over to real life. But I think it's to assess your intelligence using only certain tools. So, in a sense, it's testing a portion of your intelligence because it has limitations. Does that make sense? But what you said was pretty on point.
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  10. Du fuk?

    My results

    "Your IQ lies outside the area that the test is able to measure. We are hoping to extend this area as soon as we have gathered more data. Remember that it is a good idea to practice tests such as this - there are many others available online."

    All that and i dont get a number or a fancy title like imbecile. Gone are the good ol days

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  11. lol
  12. The new tests they're using I don't much like. Took the ones they had on there back in 05 and I loved that format...these ones just don't seem as accurate.

    Feels like a scam tbh. Why they changed it I have no idea...
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  13. I'm assuming your IQ isn't above 160. In that case, the guy before you was lying about his 160 :(. I'm making the assumption that it's not above 160 because 160 would be about 1 in 30k+ people. Using that logic, it's nearly impossible for this to lay out the way it "did". Having said that, you're funny :)
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  15. Well done. 160 is probably not measurable. Maybe even 145+ Is not measurable. Nonetheless, good job.
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  16. Thanks, i dont think they tell very much. This one was really just spatial rotation and pattern recognition.

    As a youngn my mom had us kids to "Building Thinking Skills" which are exactly this sort of thing.

    I recommend them for children, that and logic courses at a young age.

  17. I'm not sober enough to take an IQ test right now, but I did take several during my public school career and supposedly my IQ is above 160. I'm not sure how much intelligence that a standard type of test can measure accurately. There are several different kinds of intelligence anyway, and IQ tests seem to only measure a certain type of intelligence. However, when I sober up tomorrow or the next day, and I can remember to take the online IQ test I will do so and see how it compares to the ones I took in the 1990's.
  18. Well, how did u do? Mind posting a screenshot? The max this test measures is up to 145.

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