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Try it yourself - I found out something AWSOME today

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by magicman8, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Like an hour ago I was blazing with a friend and there was a 'line' of ants near our spot...As we stopped smoking I noticed the ants were eating a piece of fruit and then the thought hit me...What If I put some super sticky domeheads off the bud NEXT TO the ants and see if they eat it ..well

    THEY DID....and got super baked no joke like they walk up, lean in-take a bite, and keep walking for like 2-4 seconds and then completely stop, slow down, and just chill and walk around at a much much slower:confused: and higher way I hope it doesn't kill em but I mean theyre ANTS so Im not too worried, its pretty funny to watch(edit: not the dying part...i personally didnt see any of them die but I cant say that for all species of ants) but really just intersesting to see that many ants so high

    I guess the point of this thread is to see if this is an old idea, or whther its not and other people can hopefully try to replicate it (use the danks).
  2. Insert Cool Story Bro's
  3. You are projecting YOUR interpretations onto an animals behavior.
    I highly doubt Ants have Endocannabanoid receptors......
  4. probably were dying from gumming up there mouths
  5. Or they are just ants.
  6. I've tried blowing smoke onto a bug and it just stood there... for hours.. Either it was dead or it was in a different galaxy
  7. Im calling PETA motherfucka.
  8. Don't ants carry the food back to their nest? I didnt think they ate it

  9. Do it, you won't.

  10. They still have to put it in their mouth.
  11. Lol you were high.

    The ants were just being ants.

    I also dont think they would ea it, mainly because weed produced thc to stop insects from eating it or something like that.
  12. [ame=]Whore Island - YouTube[/ame]
  13. Mannn, am I the only one who realllyyy wants to believe the op? I'm trying this idc.

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