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  1. What is it? How is it defined? Is there truth and Truth? When are individual/personal truths merge? Is there Absolute Truth? I think truth is everything we experience and everything in existence.
  2. could you elaborate?:D

    you mean we experience truth the moment we're born, and that in 'everything' in the universe is truth?
  3. Absolute truth=we exist, and for a reason. Not specifically, but I mean there was a cause for our effect.. ya know? All other truths are created by our existence.. or subjective minds (this is just my opinion..)
  4. "Beauty is truth, truth beauty,"--that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. -Keats

    and we know beauty to be found in the eye of the beholder
  5. Truth is existence.
    Love is existence.
    Peace is existence.
    Bliss is existence.

    All that is outside illusion, is present in existence.
  6. Embrace existence, for it is all we have.
  7. Truth to me is everything I can experience and everything anything will ever experience. Truth encompasses us. Truth is all we have.
  8. Truth can be one of the most subjective things there is.

    What's true for me may not be true for you. Sure, there are some areas we can all probably agree on as to what constitutes truth about this or that, but there will also be a lot we simply don't.

    Part of the problem we seem to have as a people, and which is often revealed on forums such as this, is accepting that we can feel completely differently about something we assume should be a given, and respect/understand/embrace that.

  9. Truth depends on the insight and perspective of the individual. Since we cannot all have the same perspective, individual truth couldn't be generalized.
    Absolute truth is quite different from individual truth, as it is an embodiment of the laws of the universe and how it operates. For example, no reasonable person will doubt or argue against the fact that life and organic matter exists. This is because it is an aspect of the absolute truth.
  10. From "truth" comes forth all things, all notions, all concepts. If you believe these things, notions and concepts, to be truth themselves, then the opposite is inherently created, and thus YOU CREATE non-truth.

    Individual and collective truth merge at the source of it all, and the merging is the end. Source=beginning. Merging=end. Yet it merges at the source, so therefore the end is found at the beginning.
  11. if there is an end to the universe, there will be an absolute objective truth at that point having manifested itself in the entirety of the universe, but before then there won't be. if there is no end, the only absolute truth is that there is no other absolute truth, speaking objectively.

    the rest is subjective, an interpretation of the objective whole. some are convinced that their interpretations are superior to others and forget that their interpretations are the same type of thing as someone else's. they're all flawed, none which separate from the shared experience can know without a doubt that what is unique to them is a superior truth. within the interpretation are always bound to be biases and emotions, and from outside we are never eager to accept the inevitable errors.
  12. Truth is somthing that is not forced to be true in itself. somthing that may be ever changing to fit all circumstance

    "plants when alive are bendable and flexable, but when dead are hard and brittle, and so one who is flexible in his beliefs is a disciple of life and one who is rigid in his ways a disciple of death" - Paraphrase from Tao passage

  13. just ride it out..........

    truth is- fucked up shit is going to happen!!!!!!
    but fuck it....;):smoke:
    truth is- some pretty badass shit is going to happen too!
  14. Life is badass
  15. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
  16. I don't believe it.

  17. part of what makes it beautiful is that you do not have to.......
  18. Makes me sad
  19. Truth is what we see with our own eyes. Though there are things true, that are unseen. But guessing and pondering over these things, will only lead to self-deception. Therefore, light dictates, that we trust our faith, our inner instinct. So we can see both deception and truth, when the time comes.

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