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Truth Shock: Most Californians won't be able to buy recreational pot from January 1st.

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by marshallthepotmartial, Dec 7, 2017.

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  2. Not saying it's not true, I am saying that the article was written by a mmj doctor's referral service. I think that it's a sales ploy.
  3. When Oregon legalized it, there was about a year or so before you could actually buy it at a rec shop. They had to implement the new law and come up with all the structure and regulatory stuff. In the first half year or so they allowed med shops to sell rec weed because they didn't have their shit dialed in, meanwhile a number of counties banned rec shops. Thankfully I could grow it from day one of the law passing.
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  4. It took over a year in Alaska for actual stores to open up in my area. No surprise, but yes, growing has been legal since the day it passed.
  5. I live in California and we voted on it a year ago. And after the year wait when it was supposed to go into effect the state is still dragging their feet. Our local council just voted on it it too and aren't going to let shops into the city, they don't allow medicinal either you have to drive to the county. They'll be huge conservative areas that aren't going to allow it.
  6. So basically it is just that medical-users will get every benefit. There is very less tax for medical users, while as recreational-users will be paying around 60% tax. THC limit will be even very low. I still do not know why did we vote for recreational if this was the plan.

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