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Truth Or Lie??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MindBlowing420, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Ok, So my friend got his phone hooked back up today. His mom is known to be a total BITCH. He is 18 and still being watched over like a hawk. So i get a text saying

    "Fyi this phone is being monitered any illegal activity will be reported to the authorites".

    IS this even possible, and if it is could they moniter the calls? Thanks...:smoke:
  2. It just means his mom will be reading through all his texts. I hope you're good at using code words that she won't discover.
  3. ok man thanks...Thats What i thought
  4. just make all your code words gay like, if u want a dub, u could be like "hey come on over and ill blow u" or "im coming over better get the lube"
  5. Send him a text saying the shipment of china white will be at the dockyard at 11:30. Then go there and observe from a distance.

    If the area is swarmed by cops then you know the phone is being monitered but also you just trashed that mom's credibility with the Police.

    If not then its all bullshit so its a win - win situation.
  6. Hide your weed in bibles and ask each other via text if you "need Jesus." That'll throw your mom off.
  7. Probably best not to leave any witnesses either.

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