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  1. So i would like to connect with some other people who may have some views on life as i do. I consider myself to be spiritual, first seeing that God isn't one religion or another but seeing it as all religions, and all of earth. Going to meditations, learning to be more intuitive, practicing the law of attraction. recently, my brother has gotten me more interested in life as alan watts or terrance mckenna sees it. an illusion or a game that we must go through to get to the next dimension. at first, i was thinkin my brother was absolutely insane. the more youtube videos i watched, the more my day to day lifestyle hasnt been the same. i could be doing the same things, but my mind is somewhere else. it can no longer grasp what my life used to be. i dont think its a bad thing, but it is scary. last night i was watching a handful of joe rogans videos and it was like something smacked me in the head. what is life? why are we here? questions i have always asked, never truly knowing the answer. but now i can no longer go back to my previous mind set of "skipping through life" doing what i am "supposed" to do. i dont know what advice i am lookin for or what questions to ask, all i know is right now i am feeling so liberated, but so fearful at the same time. advice would be appreciated! i feel as if i am now IN sane too
  2. You're just evolving as a person. Nobody remains the same for their entire life.

    I've never been fond of the "life is a test/game" concept. How do we win? There are a billion different views on how you pass the test of life, so which is Truth? Maybe none of them are Truth, and life is neither a test nor a game.

    I'm much more inclined to side with the "life (or lifetimes) is a way to gain experiential knowledge" camp. If we are, as the mystics of all religions contend, the embodied essence of the Creator, then it would make sense that these lifetimes must have meaning beyond just being a test or a game with no parameters. The Christian gnostics had an interesting way of looking at it: this world does not exist. All that exists is the Creator and His 'pleroma,' His thoughts, which then become manifest objects like this world and our bodies, sort of like a computer simulation

    So, maybe we're just playing out the thoughts of the Creator, who is within us. Or, maybe we are eternally insignificant and just the result of billions of years of chance and evolution. I can't tell either way :smoke:

  3. You get an A.
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    We are eternal beings part of one consciousness, but that consciousness is not a creator, existence is eternal so it does not need to be created. We are free, we have no obligations and we are not sheeps of a shepherd. Possession is only an illusion because the whole existence is already ours. There is no such as right and wrong, but we should love and respect ourselves because the only true meaning of life is to be happy, and happiness can only be found in peace...

    My cat just sat on my keyboard and erased all I had written, so I had to write it all over again:D whatever, I forgive him...
  5. yeah dude, like cookiecrisp said, you're just going through the process of personal growth/change, and it can be quite scary, especially if it happens quite quickly, so yeah, have fear lol, but have fun too:hello:. sounds like your mind is opening, and thats a good path to walk.

    PEACE!!! :D
  6. i have always believed in myself as part of a whole, to an extent. but its like things i thought i knew, i didnt truly know until know. being completely free to seriously do whatever it is i want to do is extremely liberating. but it is scary thinking of every possiblity of the whys whats and hows. not to mention, it is frustrating of the number of people who are just sheeps.
  7. What you are going through is derealization and/or depersonalization. Some may call it ego death aswell, but basically it is when you get to the point of true realization about your (our) existance.. the reality of death, the reality of the mystery of all this, the reality of our mind and consciousness and how our body holds this consciousness, but isnt really the same thing.

    These are all questions that should be asked, because they have to be, but our minds do a good job at kind of pushing it to the side and not worrying about it.. not thinking about it.. even if you do it's only thought about for a few seconds then pushed to the side again. This is what my mind did until I was about 17, and i "snapped out of it" just like you did about 2 weeks into a t-break at the start of grade 12.

    It's incredibly scary at first because you can no longer just ignore the reality of your existance, it faces you head on and wont go away, you cant escape it.. It was worst when i was alone in bed or just alone in general, with nothing but my own reflection.

    It is a form of enlightenment but it is also a form of anxiety, and a lot of people suffer from it if they do not get used to it. It took me about 6 months or so to truly not be bothered by it anymore, and now here I am about a year and a half later completely content with it all, settled into my new mind and loving the new perspective and freedom.

    Do some research on it if you'd like, but like said above it's just a part of becoming an adult, a free-thinker, and ultimately fully aware of everything. Embrace it, and try your best not to be scared of it.

    My advice is to surround yourself with family and friends, or just people in general. Go out and interact, because that's what we as humans do. It is the fundamental way of enjoying yourself , that and playing sports or doing something you love. Find the energy of love and happiness again and you will be fine :)

    Goodluck man

  8. You will eventually learn you manifest fear inside yourself, and it's unnecessary to do so. You can be aware, or you can fear.
  9. Yeah YouTube can be a pretty life changing experience
  10. its ridiculous how many videos are out there that blew my mind. and there is continious uploads so its hard to keep up. i feel like learnin is my newest addiction, i cant get away from my computer lol
  11. experience tends to answer questions we postulate in retrospect of the experience in question
  12. how did any of you come into this awareness? its been quite a journey for me. is any one perspective right? i mean i would think not one person can tell you factually what life is and what it is when we die. i cant even walk down the street without feelin extremely different, small, computerized, anonymous. or talk with family, i dont care about things i cared about before and i dont try to hurt peoples feeling but i really dont care about small minuscule details of your life. i dont want to not care, but "people" see what they want to see so how can i connect to them on any level besides stupid shit that doesnt matter???

  13. Wow I totally feel you on every level on this one bro!!

  14. By learning that all you can really offer another human being is compassion.

    Once you discover that, your whole worldview will change.

    Selfless bestowal while shrugging off selfish receiving: that is the goal of life.

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