Truth behind christianity

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  1. God had a right hand man. Wouldnt it make sense that his right hand man was his son? The only thing closest to him? So lets call him lucifer. The snake brought sin into the world right? The work of the devil?

    Jesus was crucified for our sins. Why would he be punished? Wouldnt it make sense that he was punished for bringing sin into this world? God wouldnt punish someone else for another mans doing.

    The new testament came up out of nowhere, before we followed god but now we follow christ. Im not saying christianity is the devils religion, but its a hell of a lot more believable than anything in the bible.

    What better trickery for the devil is to have an entire population of his fathers work, believing in his religion?

    Now, when jesus comes back it will be judgement day right? The world ends as the devil gets back?

    Take it with a grain of salt and dont get offended, but look on the outside of the box. I think the devil has done more for us than any god. He gave us sin. Sin is the ultimate freedom of choice. Without sin or the freedom involved we would be mindless slaves to gods doing.

    Kinda makes you think about your god eh?

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  2. Kind of insulting to god to have everyone follow the work of his son rather than god himself.

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  3. Jesus is bad, mmkay

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  5. Christianity pushes that holy trinity, so it would make jesus and god the same...

    God the father, god the son, god the holy spirit
  6. Also in the bible there are many cases of god punishing someone for someone elses deeds...

    Does the 7 deadly plauges ring a bell? God was mad at the pharoe and he unleashed the plauges on all of egypt instead of just punishing the one he was mad at...

    And he was mad at the pahroe for something that god himself did...that same thing comes into play with people in general, god created original sin then punishes mankind for it...
  7. I just dont see religion as good in general. Just a neat theory.

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    i don't either, personally i'm an atheist, but the theory really doesn't have a real basis, everything you claimed is explained in the bible, so you're not really attacking their beliefs, you're attacking what you thought they believed...
  9. The entire story, the entire Judaic/Islamic/Christian god concept is illogical.  If faith required serious thinking, it wouldn't exist.  Hopefully we evolve past it some day.
  10. Three persons in one

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  11. I don't know if that's entirely true. Don't get me wrong Christianity is some fucked up shit. Every religion is subtly corrupted and twisted. However I look at every religion as a whole as just pieces to the puzzle.

    They are all getting at the same thing, there is something that connects us all.

    Unfortunately no one sees it that way. I can't stand closed minded religious people of all faiths who claim their religious text is absolutely right.

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