Trustworthy Site To Order Vape From?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by jakegetsbaked91, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. I know ebay comes to mind but I'm hoping to get a warranty. And amazon does have them... I've just heard a lot if sketchy things about ordering from online sites byt my Lhs is charging 275 for the extreme q and the herbalaire which are the two I'm lookinf at. Wanting to get a bag setup
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    which country are you from? if canadian i am gonna recommend torontovaporizer
    google it
    Great site, good customer service.
    Use code: puffedup for 15% off.
  4. +1 to Puffitup and they have 15% off everything right now
    Doesn't hurt to ask them through chat if they have it in stock first
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    +2 to puffitup the free stuff they send with their products is pretty cool too.
    the staff is really nice too, they're happy to answer any questions
  6. +3 puffitup for all above reasons, or direct from manufacturer if it's an option.
  7. Alright thanks everyone puffitup it is! They havr the EQ on sale right now also
  8. Yeah puffitup is good, heard good things about vapeworld as well.
    for sure, the only place I've ever ordered from, and multiple times
  10. for what it's worth now i got my extreme q from . Found them good, decent price too.
  11. I purchased a vape from puff it up and it shipped quickly with no issues...The extreme Q is on sale there for $175 right now, I was going to get it off ebay for $150 but feel like the extra $25 may be worth it to get it from a site I know is good.
  12. Tell them you can get it cheaper, they might knock a few bucks off

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