Trustworthy News Sources?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by captainfelix, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Wondering if there are any real news sources (whether Internet or television) that people watch on the regular that you guys would like to share? Smoking of the herb is a real great way to awake yourself to how brainwashed our government has us just by tuning in to mainstream news sources i.e Fox, CNN, etc....
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    Great thread idea captainfelix. I'm often criticized on my sources so  I would love to see what some in this forum to be considered "trustworthy." My advice is the same as one of my old ex CIA professor:
  3. There are no trustworthy news sources. Period.

    If you really want news you need to watch as many untrustwortht news sources as possible, and then read online blogs and such.
    Put the puzzle together yourself.

    EVERYONE has an agenda. Peruod

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    BBC, NPR and CBC (Canadian) for starters.  Then make up your own mind.
    Oh, I almost forgot, and Murray Rothbard on GC  ;)
  5. I would also advice to politically educate yourself so that you have a foundation of knowledge to draw upon. Read a wide variety of political philosophers like Rothbard, Marx, Mises, the Federalist Papers, Locke, Lenin, Buckley, Bastiat, Rand hell I've even read an Al Gore book. Sample and decide. Even if you don't agree with the ideas you will at least know how others think. 
  6. Thats right Trust No One except for me. 
  7. You want your news you come to me. 
    I don't sugar coat it, you want a bedtime story go fuck off somewhere. 
  8. And your agenda is clearly to induce confusion. 

    Period   -   Peruod  ?? 
  9. Grammar.
    The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.
  10. Read my post again. 
  11. I know you were talking about spelling but I read that somewhere today and I really, really, wanted to use it. 
  12. If you want to learn about a new law.  Read the law as it is written.  If you want to learn about a court ruling, read the actual ruling.  If you are interested in the results of a scientific study, then read the study.
    In other words, go to the source. 
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  14. i have yet to find one, everyone i have seen has some sort of bias, some less than the others, but still a bias.
    really you just gotta weed through the bias, and form an opinion yourself, as someone else mentioned go to the source.
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  16. Sources should be as credible and as unbiased as possible.  True news only reports facts from the direct sources.  News should only give information, therefore leading the viewer/reader to make his/her own conclusions, opinions, etc.. based on the information.
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    I'm never using the app. 
  18. If you're looking for news on Justin Bieber then MSM is for you
  19. MSNBC never lies. You can trust them to always report the important news in a fair and unbiased way.
  20. If you are looking for Fair and Balanced I would suggest FOX news........................Nah, I'm just fucking with you. Watch Al Jazeera...prolly closer to the truth than what you'll find in America. There is no "FREE PRESS"...  How can they call it free when you have to be a card carrying member? And what do they do? Kiss ass to get to the free tax payer funded buffet.
     Our Nation is too polarized. That's right. I said it....don't tell Jon Stewart or he'll make a fool outta me! AGAIN!

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