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  1. I've always found it hard to trust a girl and pretty much never got myself into a committed relationship because I've hooked up with girls that had boyfriends and It just seems like so many girls with boyfriends flirt and cheat on there boyfriends.

    Anyways I pretty much decided my lifestyle would be to be single my whole life and just have girls to hook up with. All of that changed when I fell in love. I already know there's nothing that could hurt me more then being cheated on. I would never consider cheating on my girlfriend because I have this feeling in me that she's perfect and so loyal to me and she really is. She doesn't flirt with guys and defiantly hasn't cheated on me. She's like a good girl that's hot pretty ideal if you ask me.

    Well I always hear stories of girls getting fucked by other dudes at parties and frat parties and shit. It made me wonder can a girl that you feel is so loyal to you just cheat on you. Like I'm sure there's guys on here with girlfriends they trust completely but how can you know she won't cheat on you. It's just a messed up thought to think that it could happen.

    I'm not afraid of her cheating on me while on vacation like what happened to yummybud because she already told me there's no point in her going because all people do there is get drunk and hook up and it's more of a single environment.

    I made a lot of thought into getting into my relationship I had to know she wouldn't be flirting with guys or cheating. I'm not that controlling I like to know what's up we have the same rules for eachother.

    Idk wtf this thread is about but discuss the topic of trust and cheating and betrayal i guess. :smoking:
  2. cheated/been cheated on...pointless/fucking sucks. Might as well just end things imo if your having thoughts about other people, save both you and your partner a lot of time and pain. I dont even want to think about a relationship at this point in my life.

    dont know why i cheated, to this day i regret it.
  3. I have cheated before, but I'm in love with someone..... I wouldn't ever do that to him or anyone else anymore. I know what I did was shitty but I got my karma ass kicking already.
  4. I <3 you too.

    Err, wait, I think I misunderstood...

    Anyways, to the OP, be a person of integrity. You will be happier with yourself that way.

    You will also find that you will tend to end up being friends with other persons of integrity, and that your romantic relationships are with persons of integrity and high character.
  5. There's not such thing as loyatly or trust. You gotta be like Batman. Always have a back up plan, always have a get back plan. Always be ready.

    My girl sucks up to me and all that shit. Then she gets drunk and does some shit with some random guy at some party, even spends the next day with him.

    Either way, I got mine. I won't say how because I'm mad tight on security. But I got mine. We're still happily together, but I do what I gotta do to balance things out.

  6. But what's the point? I understand if you're just enjoying it for the moment. But if you have deep feelings for a girl, you should be territorial with your mate because it's natural.
  7. You can spend your time stressing out, trying to stop an inevitable event...

    Or you can take that time to get yours.

    I love my girl and she can do whatever the hell she wants as long as it makes her happy. If she's gonna leave me, I'm fine with it if it's with someone who's like me or better...and I'm the best.

    I'll take anyone back when they return to me disappointed by their little fling. I'm a professional. I please.

  8. It's more about getting equal than enjoying it... At least for me. A lot of women cheat... It's just a fact of life. It often doesn't matter how sophisticated, smart or loyal you think she is. I've had all of the above and more, and despite having a leash, would still sleep with me in a heartbeat.
    You can pee on her leg as much as you want, it'll only give her a wet leg.
    Wet your leg. Now, are you hampered in any way?

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