Trusting the system- sizzle weed epidemic

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  1. our buddy from out of town went to the dispensaries around Denver and shared his purchases with us. It was all good except for one jar of weed that would, burn in large rapid spurts with sizzle noise almost reminiscent of black powder or gun powered. Sadly this isn’t the first time ive seen this, in fact I would say it’s common. I searched the internet and there’s not enough people talking about spayed weed being a cause. I have grown for 15 years and seen a lot but I don’t think this would be from too much fert, lame flush, or moisture or strain. I believe this is chems burning right under our noses. So I though this needed to be said:

    I haven’t heard nearly enough comments about pesticide and fungicide that was sprayed very late into flower. I have worked in the Colorado weed industry for 3 years and stopped bc in 5 different jobs(all) I was asked to spray banned pest/herbicides as well as use them in ways very contradictory to labeling. The fact is, the government that is ‘regulating’ weed is the same government that was prosecuting people for it until the year is was legalized. There’s a huge amount of public trust with the gov regs and the corporations growing the weed and there’s no background or trust pattern should exist. People assume it’s all tested and regulated. Crackle weed is an in your face example of the slack in the system and anything could be causing it, and I’ll take a guess it’s not good. The people who start weed grows are usually not growers but actually business entrepreneurs who want to invest or start a comparing in a new industry. I’m a grower who would love to run an organic warehouse grow, and I’m very capable, but don’t have the massive amount of money to do it by myself. So basically every grower, good and bad, are all tied to a potentially shitty investor who only cares about bottom line profits. When you add that the state isn’t regulating the testing of weed then there’s literally nothing to deter these heartless business people to ask their grower to break the law and spray late, or spray banned chems. Know your source. Some dispensaries try way harder than others to know their sources. The cheapest weed has probable had something bad happen to it, so don’t buy it unless you know the person and they can tell you why it’s discount weed. Grow your own! That’s why most of us do it! The governement has gotten mail delivery down pretty good, but they haven’t earned my trust with more than a peice of paper that I don’t care about that much! Love y’all, tell your friends
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