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  1. how do you guys know when you can trust someone? personally i think a person i can fart in front i can most likely trust. what do you guys think?
  2. Trust is something that goes way beyond being able to fart in front of them. But I'm guessing you're too young to be posting on this website let alone worrying about who you can really trust.
  3. never
    you trust people, you get burned. simple as that.
  4. Don't
  5. Pretty much DTA.

    "Do for self" is a motto most live by.
  6. Don't Trust Anybody. At one point or another if you trust someone they will turn what you entrusted them with against you. DTA!
  7. Trust no one
  8. Damn no one trust anybody anymore? I try to give people the benefit of the doubt in general. When I learn more about them and how they truly are, my level of trust towards him/her can go up or down. I hate hanging around people that are untrustworthy because I have to keep an eye on my phone, wallet, and herb.
  9. Easy,the only people I can trust in are my brothers.

    My sisters I love them dearly but there still females..

  10. no haha i was being completely serious about the fart. i know it sounds childish but the more i think about the people i am comfortable doing this in front of i notice they are usually the ones that i dont have to worry about my habits/insecurities/etc.. in front of because i can trust them. i know trust is a lot more complex, but i was merely pointing out my signal for how i can trust people. and this all comes from an experience i had recently about my doubts of a certain persons reliability btw:)
  11. When I can trust them with my life, and they can trust me with theirs.
    When I can talk to them when needed and be sure they don't tell other people.
    Don't Trust Anybody? Damn that's lame. If you don't trust any body you'll go your whole life constantly wondering if this person or that person is doing something behind your back. That's a shitty was to live bros. If you can't trust the people your friends with or the people around you, then they aren't the right people to be friends with.

  12. amen :cool:
  13. I trust my best friends and family and most of my friends and my dealer which might sound weird but he's the best dealer I've ever had.
  14. Oh yea that reminded me, my good bro and dealer E.
    Man he's had my back. We ran from cops, he had to go get his girl, the cops asked about me and why I didn't come back he lied. Got me out OF BIG SHIT that time. He's let me do my unmentionables around him when I needed a place to do it, and didn't want to be alone. Never told anyone about that either. You can trust your dealer (well you should be able too) if not, then that's lame as fuck. You should be able to trust everyone you know, but sadly such a thing is not possible.
  15. I have ONE friend that I trust with my life.

    Not my brothers, not my parents, just one single friend

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