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  1. Hey blades, I'm a new user but have been reading these forums for a while. I wanted to see what your views on some things were.. Like dealing with trusting people, and taking back people who have cheated on you, second chances, stuff like that. Have any of you ever had good outcomes of this?

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  2. Funny I seen this...I jus saw my last GF over the weekend....hadnt seen her in few years...

    She was sexy as ever n tryin to talk to me again...but I wasnt havin it

    No matter how sexy she is...dont give in or put in lol...
    I thought about it for a min...about givin her a 2nd chance...but then told myself..."Youll regret it in the long run, you can do better"...
    I been lookin for that girl whos beautiful on tbe inside n out...they out there

    Jus remember.....Once a cheater.... always a cheater....
  3. ^ i like your state of mind man. It's so hard when you remember how much of a connection you used to have physically and emotionally, inside you want to believe they changed and actually will be loyal; but like you said, once a Cheater always a Cheater.

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  4. Dude, don't go back to cheaters or people who lie. If they cared so little in the first place, why would they suddenly care more? "Oh shit, I was onto a good thing, best go back to them. This time, I'll make sure I don't get caught! It really isn't a good idea, people don't change that easily, and if they do, what's to stop them changing again into someone even worse?
  5. Whores will be whores

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  6. The one time I ever did forgive a chick for cheating on me and stick with her because I loved her ferociously, guess what happened? Yep, she ended up cheating on me and leaving me for the other guy.
    Don't do it to yourself, you're worth more than that.
  7. I've forgiven everyone who has cheated on me, but I definitely didn't stay with their asses.
  8. If you do give someone a second chance don't expect it to be the same relationship.  There are going to be landmines everywhere.  Very few relationships recover from a cheating partner.  There will always be suspicion and resentment.  If you truly want to make a go of it then get into couple's counseling immediately.  
  9. Sometimes, letting go is more beneficial than holding on. 
  10. You guys are all so right. It really is one of the hardest things to do when that person was such a big part of your life for years. The shitty part is she wasn't like this before. She used to be the most innocent, sweet, most caring person I've ever met. One day I just realized she had changed into a frequent drinker, smoked a lot more, and was lying to me more and more. Eventually the lies led up to me finding out she had been cheating. The part that really fucks with my head is she still has our pictures together on Social networks. I don't get it.. but fuck man. It's been 2 months and i'm still not over this shit; i feel pathetic for being a sad-sack over an unfaithful person. Memories just get to you I guess. The only thing I'm looking forward to is getting of of intensive probation in a week, and being able to burn again; and focusing on my education. That's all you can really do though, right? I mean honestly I'm open to hear any ideas about how you blades and bladies get over something like this. It'll literally kill my mood for hours on end when I'm alone at night, really kills my confidence knowing that someone cheated on you too. Makes you feel like you're not good enough, and that's why they did it. All these ideas float through your head, and your mind is just clouded with bad thoughts. Time machines would be dope.
  11. getting over someone is very hard i was with my ex for 5yrs she was my first love long story short i went to jail over some dumbass shit i was there for 6 months she cheated on me with what i thought was a good friend. even after that i was still gonna get back with her two days after i got out i hooked up with a diff female so that helped alot with getting over her

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  12. I might be able to give a second chance, it depends on the other person and how I feel towards them. If I feel that they regret what they have done and that they really want to be with me.
    It has never happened before though, so I do not know, but this is how I feel right now.
  13. ^ that's how I feel, about giving another chance.. but then again everybody else is right. If they did it before, what's gonna stop em from doing it again? My ex didn't only cheat on me, but did it multiple times. Each time I found out and was stupid enough to forgive her, she didn't stop. She just got better at hiding shit. Always making excuses to not let me see her phone. Lying about sleeping all day. It's all gonna be the same thing, but worse when you get down to it. I'm kinda starting to realize that the more you blades tell me this; cause it's just all factual. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Someone is always better out there for you, someone you can make better memories with. Someone who pushes you to be your best. I may not find that person tomorrow or in the near future, but patience pays off, and all you can do meanwhile is concentrate on bettering yourself.... Thank you blades for giving me a different perspective on the situation. Like a wise but dumb man once said....... "these hoes ain't loyal.".... nah, I'm just playing.. most aren't, but you gotta look for the ones with morals. :)
  14. Yeah sure I'll share my wisdom. Don't trust anyone unless you want to be disappointed, and don't forgive.
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    Damn the shit's sad. I was back and forth with a guy who was like that, but I was so in love that I kept going back to him and eventually broke away from him. I was hard since it took me 2 years to get over him completely.
  16. fuck.. two years? i'm sorry you had to go through that, heartbreak is truly the hardest thing to deal with. luckily i'm getting on with my life lately, still the thoughts come around every once in a while; but i'm dealing with it best i can. btw!! off probation next tuesday! got the wax, and my pen all ready to get stupid faded. should be a good week. ;) good vibes blades and bladies!
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    Yea, he was my first true love in high school. So, I guess that's why I took it so hard after we broke up, it was an on and off thing. More off than on. Urges I had to talk to him again would lead to late night visits. I would be with him 1 night, late at night at the park or something though he was seeing someone else. It just got old and I had to let him go since it seemed he was never fully committed to me, but he loved the "time" we had together. I just talked to him recently and I told him I might of felt some feelings towards him still (4 years since we talked) and he said "let's get to know eachother again as friends first". Then, supposedly he has a gf since I looked on Facebook and my mom reminded me of other things he did such as talk to my mom in a disrespectful manner one time.. It made me wake up and no go any further, so I stopped talking to him.
    So, yes temptations to go back still occur, but realizing that it's not worth it is what stops us from going back.
    Also, congrats to your probation being over!
  18. good to know your mother made you come to your senses even after all the time your temptations half way lured you. Glad to see you were strong enough to step back. and thank you! i'm super stoked. This ex I was being a poon over was also my first high school love and was a few years of memories to deal with. It is really hard when it's your first real experience at what "love" is.
  19. 6 damn years it took me to finally get over mine. 6 years. Fuck.
    Keep busy ej, being alone with your thoughts can be bad for moving on. Be social, be doing something and when you do meet somebody else, don't tar them with the same brush as your ex. They are a different person and not everybody is a liar or a cheater. Just 99.99999% of people.
    Which is why I now prefer to stay single and stick to infrequent casual sex when I can get it. Which, unfortunately, mostly comes from bad people who I shouldn't be having sex/getting involved with. Better to deal with a bit of drama than heartache though I guess.

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