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trust the guy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PintyHet, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. i just moved to a new city and work in construction and whatnot. so first day at work i meet this guy and i can tell he's into drugs and such juts has that blessed aura.. so anyway our truck broke down and we were standing back cuz we didnt want to die in a fire or anything and he's like I got 48 lts(lortabs or whatnot) last night .. and i'm like, way he just randomly said that.. so i'm like eh? and he's like lts? pain killers? so anyway after some talking i find out he can get ahold of chronic and kind bud and 40 a blah we are becoming friends and i find out he has like this tracking thing stuck to his leg cuz he tried to run someone over and he downs a few tabs on the way to i got two questions.. should i be worried or can i trust the guy and what the hell is chronic? for $40 i figure its what i called mids back home any help? thanks guys =)

    *edit* he has offerd me a sample..i figure if he shows up with it we go chill and smoke it and i know its all good if not though i'm still a bit nervous never had to do this kind of thing on my own before :/
  2. Well. The only way to make connections is to trust, or atleast try it. $40 aint that much so I'd do it. He has an ankle braclet so he would have to keep his cool. Now chronic (most times its used as a term for weed, ex. pot,bud,ganj,) but if its not a term as if he says "I can get some chronic" then that is bomb weed. Pretty good shit. For $40 I could get about a 1/8 and 1/2, but thats me. Most ppl for $40 will get an 1/8. Since your new in town I would try it. You got to make a connection somewhere, and work is one of the best places. Go for it.
  3. thank you sir feel good =) i now have a smile without a sliver of doubt on my face wooooo!! WEED yay!
  4. Well I'd definitely be a little iffy about the ankle-tracking thing, but if he's got chronic(good bud) he is probably atleast worth getting bud from. Just don't let him run you over ;)

    edit: btw, PintyHet, what exactly does your name mean? It has this strange sound to it, and I really like it for some strange reason.
  5. Just do it for the chronic. :D
  6. You gotta test the water before you can swim. But if he rips you off, never trust him ever again.
  7. let us know what happens, after you have this "test"
  8. pintyhet is something the dwarfs said in final fantasy 9 (love me some play station) and eh i wtalk with him every day at work. i'm pretty sure for $40 i'ma get stuff up to par with the best i could get in my old town.. and the kind? mmmm says its coverd in crystals and comes in vacume sealed contaniers =D have to see should get a sample tomorrow or monday(which would suck i sooo want some) anyway be back when i smoke it =)
  9. if dude has anythin to do with the cops specially for something serious i wouldnt beall quick to trust him, just cuz he told you he could get you some bud. atleast try ta get cool wit em or find out about him..cuz i know people that been caught buyin from snitches or whatever people tryna get a better deal for givin a lot of names.

  10. Heh... I thought that it was just "Pointy Hat" in a weird accent...

    I don't remember dwarfs in FFIX, man it's been a long time since I've played that game
  11. ....HOLY SHIT that was the most fucked up thing i've ever been a part at work we are chit chatting away like always and then he's like can you give me a ride home and i'm like eh sure? then later he's like can you drive for me? so i'm like... well drive what? and he's like "its just down the road abit" i knew he was talking something serious at this point(due to the evasion bullshit people do when they want something like this).. so anyway we ended up taking the COMPANY fucking truck into the projects and i kid you not there are 15 crack heads standing outside this building that has D-Box in big letters...turns out there are 3 ghettos in this town a crack one a weed one and a heroin .. guess what D stands for? ats right my friends dope (aka the grim reapa of drugs) at this point i'm far to confused to even care whats going on i've totally flipped out but stay cool due to lack of anything else i could think of to he picks up 3 bags and we head back to the stall turn the truck in and i drive him home.. he's going to just give me the weed i was going to buy from him for the ride...but eh holy shit...this town is fucked up =D i only saw The Death reaper once the entire time i lived in my last town here its sold like freaking candy..

    so in recap.. 1..he just used the BOSSES truck to buy dope and stayed on the clock while doing it 2.he's a weasle due to the way he ask for things.. which i guess i should just get used to every dealer i've ever met did it. 3. i've only known him a week... even my most ass hole of friends in the past would never of dared ask for this favor.. but like i said in the last town dope wasnt candy... so eh your take? WTF? i need some talking to cuz i have no idea what the fuck is going on now =)
  12. he gotta trackin device on his ankle???? hes on parole homie....go ahead and fuck wit him, if he does somethin to ya his ass is goin straight to the pen.....

  13. i dont know what the fuck you are talking about....
  14. well for those of you who did somehow follow that discorded jarble. i've decided to be like "eh dude i dont want to ever even hear about that again..and NEVER do that WHILE AT WORK again or i'ma..."here is where i find a hole in my thoughts because i cant really think of anything but eh hopefully it wont come to me actually having to do something about this... if all goes well i have a hook up he has a little smoking friend and i never have to think about that situation again.. i meen he's not a bad guy and i dont mind being around and all that but running about with that stuff is like asking for a jail enema...and doing it while "working" is like...hell i cant even think of anything worse than a jail enema but its worse

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