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Trust People?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NickM420, May 12, 2010.

  1. Do you have fellow people you trust wholeheartedly? One of my friends has always been real with me, always brings weed when he says he will, he requires the cash up front so he can get it from his guy, but he has never brought it late, and always gave me the full amount. I gave him 30 today, and he said he's gonna bring me a half O of beasters from his dealer. Plus he didn't want anything in return, just asked if he could get a tiny bowl.(of course I said for sure) I know you're never supposed to front money without them having the weed but I trust this guy. Do you all have people you trust?
  2. i have people i trust but even then i try to do it the same way
  3. There are only two people on the planet that I wholly trust with weed things.
  4. the only person i full heartedly trust with weed is my brother... he never makes me pay for weed though, just smokes me out for free.. but i guess that's what family is all about.
  5. Oh hell yeah. I have a good friend that lives outside of town and I'd trust him with my winning lottery ticket. Seriously. The only guy I trust besides my dad, brothers, and my dog.
  6. i got beat once and since that fateful day i honestly trust no one with my money. ill front up to 20 dollars to anyone im straight with if need be, but theres only a couple people id front more than that. i never front money for weed though, simply because i don't have to. people do front me a lot of money though.
  7. Yeah my guy I've even offered to front him money and he refused to take it but even if he did I wouldn't of even thought about getting ripped off.

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