Trumps wants you to boycott Apple

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    Trump calls for Apple boycott

    Donald Trump Calls For Apple Boycott during campaign rally in south carolina. donald trump rips apple and tim cook for not assisting the fbi in getting into the suspects phones in san bernadino. "The government requires Apple's assistance to access the ... device to determine, among other things, who Farook and Malik may have communicated with to plan and carry out the IRC shootings, Donald Trump has called for a boycott of Apple products until the tech company obeys the government"s demands about unlocking a suspect"s phone. "Boycott Apple,” the pumpkin-themed businessman said at a rally in South Carolina. Trump"s boycott suggestion comes in the middle of a fight between Apple and the Department of Justice. Today, the DOJ filed a motion for a court order to compel Apple to help it unlock one of the San Bernardino shooter"s iPhone by creating a software to help the FBI brute-force the passcode. Trump uses an iPhone, so we"ll see if this boycott extends to his own electronic devices. This is not the first dumb suggestion Trump has had about Apple this election season-hey, remember when he suggested that he"d force Apple to manufacture inside the US even though a president can"t do that?-but it is, perhaps, even dumber? I"m losing my ability to discern when Trump says something idiotic and when Trump says something extremely idiotic. It"s all blurring together. I"m so cold. where Farook and Malik may have traveled to and from before and after the incident, and other pertinent information that would provide more information about their and others' involvement in the deadly shooting," prosecutors said in their initial filing on Tuesday.

    Apple Slams Judge's Order to Unlock Shooter's PhoneThe FBI and the IPhone:Trump heavily criticized Apple for resisting the order. Apple CEO Tim Cook argued that unlocking one phone for the government creates a dangerous precedent for future cases.

    As Trump was going on a tangent about China today, he again said Apple"s in the wrong, even saying, "What I think you oughta do is boycott Apple until such time as they give up that security number. Boycott Apple.”He suggested Cook"s "looking to do a big number, probably to show how big a liberal he is.

    ”Here"s a partial list of other things Trump has suggested people boycott: Macy"s, Starbucks, and Megyn Kelly.

  2. I applaud Apple. From what I understand the authorities have all the information they need from other sources. They are trying to leverage this incident to break down the little privacy we have remaining.

  3. I'm sure something will be coming from the courts to force Apple and other companies to provide a "back door" for our "national security".....BS
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    I boycotted Apple a long time ago. No Trump needed
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  5. Isn't this case different because the phone didn't belong to the user and he's dead anyway?

  6. Speaking of the devil -

    Other details from the memo reveal that the White House was seeking to establish a closer relationship with Silicon Valley, an effort that leaked into the public eye in January after top government officials held a private summit on encryption with the leaders of Apple, Microsoft, Dropbox, and other tech giants-after reportedly inviting them to discuss terrorism, a tactic that one attendee said felt like a "bait and switch."

    The memo is revealed as the government now finds itself embroiled in an encryption battle with Apple, in what national security whistleblower Edward Snowden on Wednesday called "the most important tech case in a decade."

  7. Fuck Trump and 99% of his actions, the man is clearly a power/money hungry cretin. He the poster boy for ultra capitalism.

    On a side note Snowden put out a tweet saying if you have a 11 digit passcode it takes 253 years to try every combination on the apple password system without the back door software Tim Cook developed but 127 years on average... Get changing them pass codes guys!
  8. i think Trump would crack down on the drug game
  9. "probably to show how liberal he is"

    fuck you in the ass, Trump.

    protecting civil liberties is not liberal. nor is it conservative. it's human. it's american.

    you're from the party that espouses constitution this and that, but when it's put to the test, you're the first one to throw your rights out the window

    fuck trump. and fuck people who support this loon.
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  10. I think this ENTIRE political game right now is fucking ridiculous. I agree with None of it.
  11. I already boycott apple because I think their products suck but I do tip my hat to them for standing up to the feds. Anyone willing to go through all this shit and still stand strong on privacy, no matter who's privacy it is, is ok with me.

    If they didn't make their products to unbelievably restricted and exclusive, not to mention obscenely over priced, I might just consider buying from them again because of this.

  12. what about Trump? you still supporting him?
  13. Fuck no, I never did! I just meant if I were the lesser of two evils type I think he is that kind of evil.
    I think Bernie and Hillary or any of the Republican clowns pose a greater threat to my individual freedom than trump.
    But still, fuck trump.

  14. im gonna have to disagree after watching that video. trump sounds worse than some of the other candidates up there.

    i'm gonna need @Vicious to sugar coat this one for me.
  15. I didn't watch the video. Maybe that would change my tune
  16. All the big tech companies have supported Apple. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft.

    I guess they fear if the U.S. Corp demands their hard earned data, it could cut into profits.

    Our data is their money.

  17. It really shouldn't matter, it would be a precedent setting case, as well as tarnish the false idea anyone has about privacy and security.
  18. There are bigger issues here other than profit. I don't believe it is in humanities best interest to have an open door policy for the thought police.


  19. Holy shit, we
  20. I agree.

    At least we consent to the tech companies data mining (for the most part) and they provide us with incredible technology and experiences in return.

    Imagine in the future when we have neural implants and the government wants a backdoor to know if we are thinking anything dangerous.

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