Trumpet mouth piece risky??

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  1. How do i prep a trumpet mouthpiece for smoking? i did a test run and it burnt and smelled weird and i can assume thats not good for lungs at all. so how do i fix that?
  2. if wilfred can do it, you can do it.

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  4. [quote name='"Widers not Wiz"']Walk to Mordor and back. Then you'll be ready[/quote]

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  5. maybe u farted when u were burning it?
  6. use a socket i used to use them for bongs all the time. Id take that and fit it on a gutted pen and used this caulking st uff to seal up air holes and that worked great.

    You can buy bowls and downstems for like 10 bucks at a headshop, thatd probably be healthier and take less time anyways. I heard somewhere that trumpet mouthpieces arent safe but it all depends on the material its made from. Find what metal it is and look up the melting point of that metal. The mouthpeice might also have some coating on it that could be hazourdous though so id just not use that.
  7. Haha, a trumpet mouthpiece was the first "legit" smoking device I used when I first started smoking. By legit I mean it was at least a step up from a soda can and it actually had a god damn bowl. After I packed the "bowl" and I began smoking it, I would have to look up toward the sky and light it without even seeing what I was doing. It hurt my neck after a while. Looking back I don't know why I didn't just have my brother buy me a pipe. But the mouthpiece it really just like using a small metal one hitter... Shitty. I don't recommend it, but if you still choose to use it then I think you should be fine. I have no information about why the material that the mouthpiece is made of would be bad or good though so don't take my word for it.
  8. just buy a damn pipe @Op (where i got my Quality Glass Spoon.)
  9. Yeah, not worth it when you can buy a real piece for so cheap.

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