Trump sets world history with recovery of America's economy

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    There is a reason I put this in Pandora. Fake news?
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  2. To quote Mike Pence, "We are blessed". lol
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  3. Some of it is going to start tricking down any minute now ...
  4. I forgot to thank you for the Pence line.
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  5. But is it as a result of Trump's doing? What exactly has Trump done to cause this? Trump isn't the dictator of the country, he doesn't have total control over our country. Stop giving credit to the President when the economy does great, because guess what, it's not always their doing. Sometimes the senate is responsible. Sometimes, it just happens on its complete own. Markets fluctuate, that's absolutely normal. I mean, do you see the gas prices staying stagnant 24/7? Some people think the President controls gas prices even. Ridiculous!!!! Sure, he could impact them with policies (but even these must be checked and balanced, he's not a dictator) but he hasn't any control over the prices.... Otherwise, we'd be quite communist. ;)
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  6. This shouldnt be in pandora's box the bubble is real, it exists.. consider yourself lucky it has lasted this long and quit your whining
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  7. I think we give way too much credit to the Presidents. Their TITLE is "Commander in Chief." People confuse the president for social issues. No, that's Congress' job. The President has the say so whether to approve it or deny it, and he can also come up with executive orders but they can be overridden, just as his approval and vetoes can be. The President's REAL job is to handle foreign affairs, our military, and federal-level laws. However, the President does NOT do much in social issues, which people seem to be so concerned about when voting. Things like abortion, gun control, all the hot topics we all talk about, that's the Senate's job.... We as Americans apparently don't know our own governmental structure.
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  8. That wasn't me.

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