Trump says he will back the STATES bill.

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Country420farmer, Jul 8, 2019.

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  1. No wonder Elizabeth Warhen wants medical marijuana passed, she and former Governor Bill Weld have invested into MMJ and the rest of them crooks like a bunch of thieving politicians as I knew they would. Burn.
    So sickening.
    Bill Weld: Former governor, now marijuana hype man - The Boston Globe

    These fucks could not give a single shit when I was sitting in jail and still don't.
    You can't fool me.
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  2. He has pretty much left it to the states as did Bush Jr and Obama. The possibility of heavy handed fed enforcement always looms. I’m just ready for anybody, regardless of politics, to say legalize it and let people grow it in their gardens if they want. It sounds so simple don’t it?
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  3. Sadly for millions of us the bigger issue is stopping employers from being able to drug test. Specifically the random testing.
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    Dude will say anything for a vote. Is Hillary in prison? Nope! Is Obama care still around? Uh huh takes more than just a executive order or him playing god on twitter.
    I been growin since the 90s don’t matter to me if it’s legal or not gunna keep doin what I do.
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  5. Can't put Hilary in jail when she deletes all the evidence. He's made several notions to change things like healthcare but the problem is Congress won't back him not allowing the changes to take place. It's a catch 22. The way I look at it is legal or not I'm doing it because either way I do what I want and regardless of legality it puts money in the hands of corrupt freeriding government officials.

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  6. Fixed that for you. :)
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  7. I mean being in a legal state I'm pretty happy haha. However the fucked up thing is it is federally still illegal. So if I was to get hurt at work then my workers compensation is at risk
    Granted now I hear lawyers can battle it now and usually win. Probably be spending thousands in lawyer and court fees.
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  8. If the Federal laws where to be abolished tomorrow, the state government would still continue to upon itself enforce its own version of prohibition for a long time due to being afraid of local cannabis competition. We're kinda seeing that exactly right now.
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  9. Oh yea. It is crazy out here in Humboldt county. Tons of dispensaries, businesses, farms, and processing centers are popping up everywhere.
  10. The state gov't here has invested into smucks from California and they have set up stores here. Moxley or some asshole and others. They don't belong here and are actually hindering the removal of prohibition for the rest of us. They worship the system.
  11. Kind of sad how many mom and pop places that have gone down. Ones that have been going for generations.
  12. Moxie from Orange county CA, that's who it is, well one of them at least. This is purposely done by them just to keep the rest of the local people underground. They are unwilling to change.
  13. I like it!

    Put pot on various states' 2020 ballot, attract more young voters, and get this POS out of office!!
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  14. I actually thought about investing about $100-$200 in the marijuana stock when canada first legalized It was something like .30 per stock, last time i checked it was almost into $6, although i rarely understand the stock market, so i had no clue which one was the one to invest in. Decided to just watch them all and form an opinion/broaden my knowledge that way. Really wish i payed more attention in the business class i forget name of, but it taught stockmarkets, and how to read them.
    TRUMP 2020!
    I feel foreigners talk smack about him becuase, their government isnt very pleased with trump, and how hes making or made trade fairer.
  15. Have you been watching the news, CrazyLettuce? I predict Trump is out of office within 60 days... he won't be on the 2020 ballot.

    Also, my sincere apologies to the non-Americans in this forum for our president... and people like CrazyLettuce who like him!
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  16. But, yes, there are people in power doing a 180 on cannabis and trying to get a piece of the pie... from both parties. It's not the Wild West like our government is now... but it is still shady, of course.
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  17. I’m glad they got the banking rules worked on at the federal level, now just make it legal.
  18. Not really. Ive heard he could be going to jail, just not for what. I think hell walk free, but still trump 2020!
  19. I wouldn't vote for Trump if God Himself came down and told me to.
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