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Trump pushing for war with Russia/Iran

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokinP, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. with an Italian gimp in the cupboard...
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  2. With Trump now admitting Russia attempted to interfere in our election this shows the Dems and establishment Reps were at least partially correct. So I'd say Russia's actions screwed the pooch there, not the other way around.

    If wishes were fishes.

    "yeah that's called politics"

    A better question is what has Trump seen or learned that has seemingly changed his mind since taking office? He sees more than any of us, and things are getting more frosty. So...?

    Maybe that's what you want him to be? And sure it would be nice to have a competent CIC that can hang with Putin who has shown himself to be rather devious. But I'm going to go with the more obvious notion that Trump is learning more as he is in the role more and has access to more intelligence. And I do not see any olive branches materializing, only sanctions so far. Why is that you think?

    Clearly what i said was in regard to Russia, but feel free to throw some straw man action in there and beat him up a bit.

    Yup and I'm pretty sure Trump is learning it's more than just saying things on twitter.
  3. It's all fucked up isn't it?
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  4. yeah it seams some people don't have a flat out opinion on things (but think Trump should)
  5. What's to explain? Stating that Trump doing what's in our best interest may not align with Putin's idea of what's best for Russia (and subsequently causing friction between our nations) has nothing to do with the travel ban. Furthermore, Trump being right or wrong about one topic has no bearing on the other.
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  6. Relevance to constructing and destroying effigies?
  7. Trump wants war with somebody..He picked on Mexico. Has been picking on China repeatably, Iran, N Korea. Snide remarks about Germany. Who is next?

    He wants a Travel ban for no particular reason but not from placers like Saudi Arabia ( Sept 11 was Saudi's..) even though most terrorists are home grown and Christian.

    Instead of worrying what everybody else is not doing he should worry about doing what he was elected by the poor and uneducated for- to create employment and fix healthcare. Looks like he isn't doing either on that front and some would say has made health care a lot more expensive whilst giving himself and his extremely rich friends a nice hefty tax cut.

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  8. Fake news. Any facts to back up yourclaims?
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  9. Your the one saying Fake news. And we all know Trump supporters love Fake news. Perhaps address all my points with your take on it? And yes, heaps of facts.
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  10. It's been like that since WWII man
  11. Scott Ritter takes on White House Syria attack claims.

    Ritter is a former Marine Corps intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union implementing arms control treaties, in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, and in Iraq overseeing the disarmament of WMD.

    Ex-Weapons Inspector: Trump’s Sarin Claims Built on ‘Lie’
  12. Your the one making accusations. Its on you to prove your points. Innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent. We dont live in 3rd world countries.
  13. I think they're beating the drums harder for north Korea at this point.
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    I didn't think so.
    And you are right, if you have fee to end user health care then you do indeed live in a 1st world country. But we are not in a court of law. Despite the theory of innocent until proven guilty, the reality in the US is guilty until proven innocent. Thus, some states (KY, for example) charge you for the cost of being arrested, or the cost of being held in jail before trial, even if you are later found innocent. The US Constitution does not explicitly mention presumption of innocence.
    Try getting your assets back in legal states after having your assets seized when your case is found to be in your favor....or your not even charged with a crime..

    "Nearly a year later, no member of Slatic's family has been arrested or charged in the case, but all of their assets – along with those of the Med-West – remain frozen and are subject to civil forfeiture proceedings, meaning that the police can seize and keep or sell any property they allege is involved in a crime even, in some circumstances, if no one is charged or convicted."
    Why Are Feds Targeting High-End Pot Producers in California?

    "Federal and civil asset forfeiture laws consider assets guilty until proven innocent"
    Cops Raid Legal Cannabis Companies Despite Upcoming Recreational Vote

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