Trump Proposes "Solar-Panel Wall"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jane_Bellamont, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Honestly, sometimes I wonder whether he's really It .. ... or whether he's just fucking with our minds and maybe we shouldn't be taking him literally.

    Either way, praise the Donald .. for creating the most entertaining show on Earth.

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  2. See. Maybe the answer really is .. Both.

    He's just derailed enough so as to enable him to gather the necessary free media coverage and attention .. but also serious enough to be able to take on real world problems.

    I can guarantee you .. it's gonna take a while before that wall gets built. He's just gonna go on and on about it and maybe only a third of it will get built before somebody else gets elected.

    Unless he completely changes the meaning behind 'The Wall' so as to spare himself from looking like an idiot .. and fool us into thinking he had actually done something. He is a magician.
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    Genius idea really.

    I don't really give a shit about a wall between the US and Mexico. I supported Trump because I detest modern Leftism, not because of illegal immigration. While it is an issue that should be addressed and fixed, It's not what keeps me up at night.

    If the wall already has to get built, (honestly wouldn't be surprised either way), making it solar would both look cool and provide usable utility.

    If the wall is made solar, then its functionality serves as a type of political insurance.
    Even if a day comes when all borders are abolished, Trump can still take credit for having built one of the biggest energy generators around. For the US and/or Mexico.
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  4. While I'm all for renewable-energy .. considering how many times the Right have condemned tax-funded projects to be unaffordable .. this just seems to be more like Trump playing the Devil's advocate than trying to propose anything practical.
  5. Reminds me of The Joker from the Dark Knight .. lol..

    I can't get enough.. I love the Donald.
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  6. upload_2017-6-23_9-7-15.gif

    How dare you?

    Don't you know that is islamophobic, racist, sexist, against lgbtq, and literally Hitler?
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  8. He's backed himself into a corner with the wall. A feasibility study into a solar wall would buy him a year or two though.

    I don't think there's anything radical about Donald Trump apart from the way he behaves. He appears different because we aren't used of seeing a politician acting like a total buffoon.

    He rubbed the Saudi orb, sucked the Israeli cock and swallowed the same load as Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc etc...
    Same old story. Wait and see.
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  9. At the risk of seeming unhip who is this guy
  10. how ya been P-dizzle what's cracking?
  11. All good comrade. :love-m3j:

    Let's not mess up Jane's thread though.
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  12. All flyaway hair and strange posturings of the lips...
  13. Let's see, to be effective, solar panels would need to be facing south.
    What makes anyone thing disgruntled citizens, of the South, won't start tossing rocks and damage the shit out of the "solar wall"?

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  14. Oh I have no idea. Just a funny depiction of outrage :)
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  15. I explained all this already...

  16. Solar powered laser defense system
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  17. That was my exact thought as well. I just didn't want to be the first to introduce it.
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  18. Even if you did Trump would claim he thought of it first.
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    Shame on him for stealing the Mexican sunshine! in order to fuel his delusions of grandeur!
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  20. The country of Mexico itself would steal it (real shit I saw the Mexican police steal my uncle's pickup truck str8 up they walked up and put magnets with they're logo on the hood and doors and hot wired it and drove off (the purpose of Mexico Havin strict gun laws) )
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