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truly disheartened

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Oct 12, 2002.

  1. ok, dont let me get off on a purposeful rant here, but...

    im really sick and tired of people here talking about several things, one of them being vandalizing under the influence of herb, weed, marijuana, and all of the above. but good god, ....lapse in train of thought....i mean come on, you bitch about it being illegal, how it should be legal and all this and that..but i mean look at yourself, you bash mailboxes like some pre neandrethal stuck in the future or some shit, why not try and use your brain for once on this one folks..seriously

    i am really sick and tired of hearing about people getting revenge under the influence of herb weed, marijuana, and all of the above, why in the blue fuck must you get stoned and THEN go beat the fuck out of someone for some of the stupidest shit like he wore the wrong shade of green to a hempy mchempterton concert or some shit, there are some stupid motherfuckers talkin about shit like throwing bricks through windsheilds and shit...fuck that, karma will eat their ass...ranted that one away...fuck..

    i am really sick and tired of hearing about people doing just generally stupid shit under the influence of herb, weed, marijuana, and all of the above...why oh sweet lord must you do some of the stupidest shit in your life while your weed in public and then getting the rich prick attitude like most of the punks this day do, and act all righteous when the cop tries to bust you bullshitting about your rights..seriously folks think that one through too...ITS ILLEGAL!! YOU KNOW IT!! CANT CHANGE IT WITH ARGUING THE COPPER!!!...but thats all just the light side of what im getting too..there is much deeper meaning behind all of these things..

    did you notice the one consistent thing in my planned rant?....
    "under the influence of herb, weed, marijuana, and all of the above" ignorant shit heads out there get stoned and then pull something great, getting yourself caught in the proudest moment of your life...shitting the pants of common sense, stoned, and fucking up, you get caught being a delerious shit monkey while stoned..and they say..well..he was smoking weed..look what weed does, it makes you stupid????!!..sound familiar..all of the propoganda isnt really propoganda there really are stupid fuckers out there, and just realized i dont even know what the fuck im talking about...

  2. i hear ya....

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  3. Hey Namron you hit the nail on the head!!

    I am also tired of hearing people bitch about being caught in public, at school, in cars, and etc........

    If you don't want to be caught don't do it in public!!

    If you don't want you parents to catch you.........don't do it in their house....

    Finally one that pisses me off more than anything!!!!!!

    My parents got mad when they found out I was smoking or growing in THEIR house.... Please people your parents will go to JAIL if pot is found in their house by the law.

    Ways it can be found by others!!

    1 friends, neighbors, sales people, an officer of the law, or anyone who may knock on the door and be let in the house!
    Pot does give off a smell of it's own.

    2 you start bragging about having, or growing pot.

    3 your best friend gets pissed at you.

    4 others that don't use pot.

    The list goes on and on!

    Remember people!!!! Your parents are responsable for ANYTHING that goes on in their house. They could spend alot of time in jail, even if they don't know about it!!!!!!!!
  4. Yeah man I think I might know what your sayin

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  5. I agree with namron whole-heartedly, and have made it clear on multiple occasions ( for example)
    The thing you have to keep in mind is that for some people marijuana and vandalism go together very naturally, these are the people that are smoking marijuana more because they were told not to by society (or more particularly their parents) than because they enjoy it.
    I remember when I was fourteen I was obsessed with the idea of anarchy as a lifestyle, doing whatever I felt like despite the consequences. And though I never did anything too bad I regret some of it. I was lucky, however, that marijuana hadn't yet become a part of my life, in fact I started smoking weed right around the time that I grew out of my anarchistic little punk stage and learned to enjoy life without hurting anyone or anything. Now I'm a calm, intelligent, (and somewhat dirty looking) hippy, rather than a creepy little punk, and I'm damn proud of it. I still come across intollerable ignorance occasionally, more than once I had to ditch an entire group of people becaause they seemed hellbent on doing something dumb, and getting caught (stealing a parent's car, with no liscense, no insurance, an oz of weed and a bong, then driving around a mall parking lot at three in the morning in a part of town known for strict cops with a reputation for harassing teenagers). I guess what I'm trying to say is that everyone has a time in their lives where they test boundries and take chances, it's just that some of the more extroverted ones will direct that general feeling towards others, which is almost always a bad thing. If you feel the need to do something destructive or violent, go blow up some M-80s in your backyard and play full contact frisbee golf with your friends. After smoking a joint in your room, of course :)

    Or you could go to one of those hempy mchemperson concerts, man, you haven't really seen anyone rock out on the mandolin until you've seen hempy.

    This rant's over.
  6. Or you could go to one of those hempy mchemperson concerts, man, you haven't really seen anyone rock out on the mandolin until you've seen hempy.

    YEAH!! HEMPY MCHEMPERSON ROCKS!!!! if you want the great sound of mandolin, old dusty bagpipes, a wood block, and a shrunken baby head, then get some of his stuff its GREAT!! i think he is gonna be Chicago next week!!

    nothin beats the chorded box thingy from radiohead tho....
  8. haha, I saw that box thing when they were on saturday night live, wtf is it?
  9. *i dunno*

    *but I want one*

    *back to the original point*

    Ah, yes, I tend to call them "The Poster Children for The Opposition"

    I love the media always plays up that the only reason such an act occurs is because of pot.

    We all drank milk as babies, maybe that has something to do with it?

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